How to block PowerPoint presentation and prevent it from being modified

If you ever have to email a PowerPoint presentation to someone, there is a chance they can edit it. Usually this is not a problem. A copy of the original presentation will still be in your email, and you also have a backup copy anyway. The only time it becomes a problem is when there is a chance that someone accidentally or maliciously edits the presentation copy you plan to use. That’s when you need a way to block PowerPoint presentation.so that it cannot be modified. You can add a password to it, which is a basic feature in the MS Office suite. Alternatively, you can save your presentation as a PDF or PPSX file. This allows others to view the presentation but cannot edit it.

Lock Power Point presentation

Save as PDF or PPSX

You can save a PowerPoint presentation in PDF or PPSX format from the same application. You don’t need additional apps or plugins to do it. Just open the presentation and go to File> Save As.

Select a location for the output file and from the Type drop-down menu , select PPSX or PDF and click Save. This will save the presentation as a separate file. The original PPTX file can still be opened and edited. Make sure to share the PPSX or PDF file and not the original PPTX.


Now that you know how to save a PowerPoint presentation so that it cannot be edited, the only question that remains is which of the two formats, PPSX or PDF, you should use. The PDF format will allow anyone to view the slides in the presentation as if they were pages in a PDF file. The file cannot be viewed as a slide show, however its contents can be easily read.

The PPSX file is the slide show format for a PowerPoint presentation. When you open this file, it plays the presentation. The content is easy to read but plays as a presentation. Imagine that you open your presentation and click the Presentation button. That’s what opening the PPSX file does.

If you’re concerned that your presentation will be plagiarized, consider saving individual slides as PNG from the export option. Create a new PowerPoint presentation and insert the PNGs into your slides and then save as PPSX or PDF. This will, to some extent, prevent others from copying your content, however, they can write it or use an OCR application to copy it.

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