How to avoid copying the text of a PDF | Protect a PDF against copy

Whenever we create files regardless of the format we use, we want them to have some kind of protection to avoid copies. In the case of documents created in PDF , they comply with high levels of security. However, it is possible that the text can be copied. Therefore, we will tell you through this tutorial how to avoid copying the text of a PDF, protect a PDF against copying.

avoid copying pdf text

And you will tell me that these files cannot be edited in any way, but the content can be copied and then edited the way you want.

As you know, when we want to copy a text, we select it and then right-click and then choose the copy option, because this is what we are going to prevent from happening with the use of an extraordinary tool.

Online we can find programs that transform documents from PDF to Word and vice versa and have a significant number of options. We could show this in the article that showed you how to edit and extract all the links from a PDF document easily. But now let’s see what to do to avoid copying the text of a PDF, protect a PDF against copying.

How to prevent text from a PDF from being copied protect a PDF against copying

The tool that we will use to prevent the text of a PDF from being copied to protect a PDF against copying, is called PDF Anticopy. We will enter the page and from there we will use this application for free.

Also, if you wish, you can use its portable version, which does not require installation, just download it, then unzip the ZIP and finally execute the file. Once we have carried out these previous steps, we will see a very simple interface to understand and use. The first thing we are going to do is go to the File option and then we choose the Open option.

Steps to use the tool that will prevent you from copying the text of a PDF

These will be the first steps to take to select the document that we are going to protect and prevent them from copying the text of a PDF. Once loaded, the document on the tool will be displayed and on the left side we can see how many sheets our document consists of and which of them we are going to protect from copies.

If we want to protect all the pages of the document we can do it, if not and we only want to protect some specific sheets. We must click on the box below the Anti-copy option. Thus, in this way, the pages of the documents that will be protected against copies will be left to our choice.

A path will be chosen where the new file that will be created with this action will be saved. You can do it in the place of the computer that you want and then you must click on the Start Now option. In this way, the process will start, which will prevent them from copying the text of a PDF, protect a PDF against copying.

And voila, the document or those pages you have chosen have already been protected. You will find that this process is very quick and easy to do, which will not waste a lot of time to protect your documents from copies. As we already told you, by doing this it will be impossible to activate the copy option when they try to do it.

pdf text

In this way we finish this tutorial where you have been able to learn something more about the way in which we can protect our documents from copies. Something that is essential in these current moments to   avoid copying the text of a PDF to protect a PDF against copying.

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