How to add a link on the Divi subbar phone

When we are creating a website or blog there are certain variables that we must take into account and one of them is our points of contact. Without them we are almost invisible, in a world where if we want to grow rapidly, we must have different means so that they can contact us.

This is why it is recommended to insert important data such as email or phone number. In very visible places such as the secondary bar and thinking about this we have brought you this tutorial. That will show you in simple steps and in a didactic way how to add a link on the phone to the Divi secondary bar.

How to add a link on the Divi subbar phone

When we enter our page at the top there is a blue bar, this is the so-called secondary bar and there we must insert a link with our phone number. It is also recommended to place another link in this bar, such as email. But in this article we will focus on inserting the phone.

add link

We always show you the best solutions that you can apply to your technological problems and already touching this topic on Divi, we teach you how to easily set the footer . Now you will learn how to add a link on the Divi subbar phone.

But we must be attentive to what we want to do, in this secondary bar we can place the telephone and mail, so that everyone who enters the page can see it. But if you make a clip on the phone, it does nothing and we want the call to be made by clicking there, for example with Skype .

So to begin, we must go to our desktop and in the left side panel we will select the Divi option . And then we make a clip in Theme Options, this action will take us to the window with the same name. At the top we will find several options, such as General, Navigation, Constructor, Design, etc.

Entering the code to add a link on the Divi subbar phone

But for our case, we are going to select by making a clip in the Integration option, then we will go to the Enable code option in the header and make a clip in Activate. Then we will select the option Add code to the head of your blog. And now you must paste the following code:

<script type = “text / javascript”>

jQuery (document) .ready (function () {

var number = jQuery (‘span # et-info-phone’). text ();

var tel = “tel:” + number;

jQuery (‘span # et-info-phone’). text (”);

jQuery (‘span # et-info-phone’). prepend (‘<a href=””> </a>’);

jQuery (‘span # et-info-phone a’). text (number);

jQuery (‘span # et-info-phone a’). attr (‘href’, tel);



Now we will go to the bottom of the page and select the option Save changes. We left this window, we went to our page and we clicked to update. After completing this step and updating the page, we can verify that it actually shows me the little hand when I select the phone number.

This tells me that it already has a link and when you make a clip the call will be made and in this way your future clients will call you. The code that we have entered is a JavaScript code and through it your number will be allowed, not just a text. But remember that you must have a phone application on your mobile or PC.

add mobile link

And if you perform the steps that we have explained here in a very simple way, we are one hundred percent sure that you can add a link on the phone from the Divi secondary bar. And remember that in order to acquire mastery of a subject you must practice a lot every day.

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