How Much Does Amazon Prime Video Cost: Updated Price List

If you constantly wonder how much Amazon Prime Video costs, in this article you will see updated prices depending on the country you are in. This platform offers different promotions to cancel the subscription monthly or annually. In addition, it also has offers for students and public workers, so that it is convenient for anyone to have access to this television entertainment site.

In view of this, here you will see an updated price list to acquire Amazon Prime Video. It should be noted that the amount varies according to your country of origin. The best thing is that it has a free trial period, in which you can consume all the content of the platform until the next renewal date. Once this trial period is over, the fee you have chosen will be deducted from your payment method.

In United States

Amazon has different rates for all users who reside in the United States. Even if you are not from this country but you can cancel the membership using its local currency, you can purchase any of these Amazon Prime offers:

  • Prime Video: $ 8.99 per month. This offer is for enjoying Amazon Original, movies and TV shows only.
  • Monthly Prime: $ 12.99 (plus applicable taxes) . You will have access to Prime Video and free e-books, access 30 minutes before in the lightning offers, songs in Prime Music without ads, among others.
  • Annual Prime: $ 119 (plus applicable taxes).
  • Prime Student: $ 6.49 monthly and $ 59 per year. If you want to purchase any of these options, press thislink.
  • ETB card or government assistance: $ 5.99 per month. If you receive financial aid from the government, then Amazon Prime will give you a50% discount so you can purchase the membership.

Note: to acquire a Prime Video, monthly or annual Prime membership, you only have to enter thislink and place your credit card details. You will have a 30-day free trial. After this time, the amount corresponding to your choice will be deducted from your credit card.

In Spain

This European country is positioned as the second largest consumer of the platform. Therefore, you can also find different promotions to purchase Amazon Prime Video:

  • Monthly Prime: € 3.99.
  • Annual Prime: € 36.

Note: By purchasing either of the two memberships, you will have immediate access to Amazon Prime Video for free for 30 days. You can cancel with your debit or credit card or add the bank details of your account (the BIC code and the IBAN) so that Amazon can charge it. If you want to buy any of the subscriptions, press thislink.

In Mexico

As in Spain, if you want to have access to Amazon Prime Video, you must purchase an Amazon Prime subscription, either monthly or annually. The price of each membership will be detailed below:

  • Monthly Prime: MXN 99.00.
  • Annual Prime: MXN 899.00.

Note: to pay for any of these subscriptions you also have to add a credit or debit card. If you like one of the memberships, enter thislink and click ” Try Amazon Prime “.

In Brazil

In Brazil it works in the same way as in the previous countries. In the same way, you will also enjoy 30 free days to evaluate if you like the service. Therefore, if you want to acquire any of the memberships, this is thelink that you must use for such procedure. Once this point is clarified, the price list for Amazon Prime in Brazil will be displayed :

  • Monthly Prime: R $ 9.90.
  • Annual Prime: R $ 89.00.

In colombia

To obtain Prime Video in Colombia, you must register on the web platf
rm by
pressing thislink or by purchasing a subscription to an external company like Tigo. Before formalizing this process, the prices will be detailed according to the payment period:

  • Monthly Prime Video: $ 14,900 Colombian pesos.
  • Annual Prime Video: $ 178,000 Colombian pesos.

Note: the payment method accepted by Prime Video is Visa, Mastercard and Amex credit and debit cards. Once you enter your payment method, you will only have a 7-day free trial to enjoy the service free of charge.

In Argentina

To acquire Prime Video in Argentina, you must subscribe to its official platform and enter your payment method. Similarly, many telephone companies add a membership to this platform among their offers. Having clarified this point, the price corresponds to this country is:

  • Monthly Prime Video: $ 219 Argentine pesos, plus its corresponding taxes.

Note: Prime Video in Argentina accepts credit and debit cards Visa, Mastercard, Tarjeta Naranja, Amex and Diners Club. You can press thislink to start the subscription process on its official page. Once you finish the purchase process, you will have 7 days as a free trial to enjoy the service.

In Guatemala

Tigo Guatemala also offers the Prime Video subscription by acquiring one of its Postpaid plans. The best thing is that the first 3 months will not charge you for the service and in the fourth month, the fee will be automatically added to your bill. On the other hand, you can also register on the official platform throughlink to choose another payment method. The price to pay for Amazon Prime Video in Guatemala is $ 5.99 per month.

In uruguay

To get Amazon Prime Video in Uruguay you will only have toregister on the platform and enter your Visa or MasterCard credit card. Once the process is finished, Prime Video will give you a 7-day free trial. Having said this, here you will see the price of the membership:

  • Monthly Prime Video: $ 2.99 for the first 6 months. Then the price changes to $ 5.99.

In Chile

If you are in Chile, you can also sign up for Amazon Prime Video through this link. The payment methods accepted by the platform are credit cards and debit Visa or MasterCard, Amex, and you will have 30 free days before the first charge on your card. If you want to know their prices, look at the following list:

  • Monthly Prime Video: $ 4,165 Chilean pesos and 3 months of membership.
  • Annual Prime Video: $ 48,700 Chilean pesos.

Note: Prime Video can also be purchased through Movistar Chile if you subscribe to Movistar Play, but for this you must have a Postpaid, fixed or mobile plan. For more information, you can press thislink.

In Ecuador

If you are in Ecuador, you can also purchase Prime Video by entering the following link and pressing the “Login” button to begin the registration process. When you add your payment method (Visa or MasterCard) you will have 30 free days before the first charge on your card. The price of Amazon Prime Video in Ecuador is $ 5.99 per month.

In Peru

If you enter this link, you will automatically enter Amazon Prime Video. On the platform you will see the benefits they offer you and the button to start requesting membership. If you want to know the prices of Amazon Prime Video in Peru, look at the following list:

  • Monthly Prime Video: S / 16.99.
  • Annual Prime Video: S / 16.99.

Note: Accepted payment methods are Visa or MasterCard credit and debit card, Diners Club and Amex.

In Bolivia

Bolivia has the particularity that the telephone company Tigo offers the subscription to Amazon Prime Video through its Postpaid and Home Plans. Similarly, if you enter thislink, you will automatically enter Prime Video to begin registration. If you want to know their prices, look at the following list:

  • Monthly Prime: Bs. 45 with a 3-month free trial. If you purchase the subscription through a telephone, it will be automatically included in your monthly bill.

Note: Accepted payment methods are Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards.

In case your country is not mentioned in the previous list, you will only have to access the following link to know the cost of Prime Video where you live.

Now you know how much an Amazon Prime Video subscription costs. In the same way, you have observed the accepted payment methods and how many days you will enjoy the free trial period according to the country where you register. With this information you will be able to evaluate which promotion or subscription you should purchase, in order to start taking advantage of all the benefits they have for you.

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