How I disinfect my cell phone from the outside against bacteria without damaging it

In these modern times, we are being attacked by invisible enemies, which can come from anywhere and these are none other than bacteria. These microscopic beings that are not visible to the naked eye and in one of the places where they can be without problems and catch any virus is the mobile phone, which has nothing to do with computer viruses . For this reason we want to show you how I disinfect my cell phone from the outside against bacteria without damaging it.

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Having our mobile phone clean and free of germs or bacteria is something that we should have learned from the first day we acquired the device. Because although it appears to be clean, it can harbor viruses that put our health and the health of those around us at risk, which is why hygiene measures should be more than just passing a damp cloth to the phone.

It is not only important to clean RAM memories in mobile phones, it is also important to clean the external device. Of course, we should not use abrasive products or products that contain any type of acid, which can irreparably damage the delicate exterior of current cell phones.

How I disinfect my cell phone from the outside against bacteria without damaging it

If they were to ask you when was the last time you cleaned your cell phone using a product other than your blouse or shirt and a little water, you would surely be surprised. Since we really think that the screen is cleaned only with this and it is not. As clean as it may seem, it is not like that and we must take adequate hygiene measures to be able to disinfect the mobile.

Scientific studies reveal that a person can touch their mobile screen more than 2,600 times in a day. And this means that up to 600 types of bacteria would lodge in this screen and believe it or not, it is much more than what you can find in the toilet of your bathroom. Now that you think about it, you have a time bomb in your hands and you don’t know when it will explode.

But don’t worry, if we carry out a good disinfection routine and learn which product can or cannot be used for it, I guarantee that we will have the battle won against these germs. First of all you should know that the screen of smartphones repels oils without problem, this by having a cover oiled leakage.

For this reason, it is not recommended at all to use chemical products that can damage this layer. And that is when we must have greater knowledge of the product that we will use to clean the mobile phone. It is also important to know that you should not use abrasive materials, such as paper, towels, sponges, etc. do not use chemicals such as window or glass cleaner.

Steps to disinfect my cell phone from the outside against bacteria without damaging it

First of all, we must choose a soft cloth preferably made of cotton or wet, soft wipes that do not have lint. These must be impregnated with a solution that contains at least 70% isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol or better if it is higher. In this way we will be sure that germs, bacteria or viruses are eliminated.

Once we fear the cleaning implements, you should turn off the phone and only turn it on when at least 5 minutes have passed after disinfection. Although it is alcohol, it is possible that some liquid passes through the crevices of the device and the mobile does not get wet , so in this way we will be sure that it is completely dry.

Then we will pass the damp cloth over the surface of the entire phone, trying to make smooth movements, if it is very wet, you can wipe a dry cloth, to extract part of the moisture. There are also specific products on the market to carry out this disinfection of germs and viruses.

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Try wiping the damp cloth with the cleaning product over the lenses, this is usually a bit of a tricky area. Since it has grooves where live bacteria can remain, it is also important that you clean the covers. Regardless of the material with which it is made, there can also be a large number of these viruses here.

And so far we have come with this disinfection tutorial, where we try to give you some important tips on cleaning and the most appropriate way to rid your mobile of viruses, bacteria or germs.

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