How do I know the programs that make my internet connection slow?

What happens when we have a good internet connection but unexpectedly the internet becomes slow and it is a real ordeal to access a page. Many times or most of the time this problem is caused by a program or application that we have installed. In the following article we will teach you How to know the programs that make my internet connection slow?

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To carry out this complex operation, we must make use of a tool that is included in Windows. And it will allow us to know what programs are causing our connection to slow down. We will do this through the Task Manager or Windows Task Manager and then we will tell you how we will use it.

The rise of technologies has allowed Internet connections to expand all over the world and even in rural places and far away from the city you can count on this service. In it you can learn how to have internet service in rural areas without coverage. And continuing with the topic, let’s see what you should do to know the programs that make my internet connection slow

How do I know the programs that make my internet connection slow?

As we have already told you so that you can know the programs that make my internet connection slow. We are going to use the Task Manager and depending on which version of Windows you have either 7, 8 or 10 we will use different methods to know the consumption of the programs and applications that we have installed.

To open the Task Manager we will use different methods as we already referred to you and the first of them is the Keyboard shortcut . We will use the following key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc or what is the same Control + Shift + Escape. Now from the blue screen we will use the following key combination Ctrl + ALT + Del / Delete and then choose Task Manager.

We can also access it through the Taskbar, for this we position ourselves with the mouse cursor over this bar, at the bottom. Then you right click, this action will display a menu and we must choose the Task Manager option. Another way to access the Windows task manager is through the Run tool.

To do this, we are going to make a combination of keys and press the Windows key + R. So in this way the Run box will open and in it we will write the following command taskmgr. After we have used any of the methods described above, we will have the Task Manager on the screen and we can observe all the programs that are running.

We can see that in this window there are several windows but we are interested in Process and here we will see the list of those programs or App that consume the most data. Of course, if you are downloading something through the browser, it will show a higher bandwidth consumption but in essence here you can see what program may be making your internet connection slower.

Other factors that slow my internet connection

But it is also important that you know how to identify other factors that can cause your connection to become very slow. Programs like Utorrent can make your internet slow since it needs a lot of bandwidth to be able to download the content. Which is often in high definition, so you should keep this in mind.

Currently there are other online services that can consume your bandwidth a lot are Streaming services and online games. These visualizations can consume both your computer and your network resources. And finally another aspect that you should check from the beginning is not to be infected by a virus , this is also fatal for the connections.

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But many of what can be slowing down your computer and therefore the internet connection can be a Windows service, such as the svchost.exe service that consumes a lot of data. And in this way we conclude this article where we could show you  how to know the programs that make my internet connection slow.

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