How do I know if my mobile is compatible with MHL cable? – We tell you how to know

What is the MHL cable?

Its acronym in English means “mobile high definition link “, and it is the technology that supports connecting a laptop to a television.

Usually this is done from a tablet or smartphone, and to the standard HDMI input of the receiving TV. Now, the connection is viable thanks to a specialized converter, and these can be found in various presentations.

These are an MHL bridge, MHL transmitter, or HDMI receiver that supports the same name. All using chips that are responsible for doing the job.

This exchange process occurs both in the video signal, as in the audio, electrical current and data from one device to another.

Find out if your mobile is compatible with the MHL cable

Before you can get hold of a connection cable of this type, it is advisable to check if the equipment is in fact compatible with the MHL cable.

Since many phones are not, one of the ways to achieve this is by checking the internet through the official compatibility lists.

hml corded phone

But this is quite a tedious and manual procedure, which is why most users do not like to perform it or leave it as a last option.

For this reason, some specialized application is regularly used to analyze and determine if the device is suitable, although there are also other methods

You can find everything on the internet. That’s why here we present you an updated list of HML-compatible mobiles

Through the specs

To find out if a specific smartphone model supports the MHL connection, you can check its specifications.

Going to the browser of preference, the model and brand of the mobile to be investigated is written in the search bar.

Next, you access a portal aimed at showing the details, and scroll the view until you find the section for “Connections “.

In this, the pertinent information will be obtained, as long as the phone includes the option. This could be displayed as “TV Out (via MHL 3.0) “.

MHL Checker

This is an application that can be obtained in the Google Play Store of Android. Therefore, the store is opened and “MHL Cheker ” is written in the search engine .

Of the results, the first will be the one indicated, this will be called “MHL Checker (Check HDMI) “, choose it and click on “Install “.

After waiting for the download, the application runs and proceeds to verify if the phone is compatible with the MHL cable. For this, the instructions and steps of the program must be followed.


The official list

If it is decided to do the manual or regular consultation, the action will have to be directed to the web browser that we use regularly.

silver mobile on desk

In the search bar, type the word “HML ” and continue by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, in “Search ” or with the “Enter ” key .

Next, the main page will be located in the results that will be titled “MHL® – Expand Your World ” and the link will be “https://www.mhltech.org/ “.

Next, the “ MHL Devices ” section opens , the button of which will be positioned on the upper ribbon. Consequently, the options in which “Mobiles “, “Screens ” and other equipment can be consulted will be expanded .

Click on the section that corresponds to our device, to open the window with the list according to the companies.

The last thing will consist of investigating, taking advantage of the organization, according to the brand of our smartphone, or using the search engine or the “Ctrl + F ” keys .

In this way, it will be known if the phone or device in question is compatible with the MHL cable and there will no longer be problems in acquiring one to use it.

You have many options to be able to connect your phone to the TV. As we mentioned before, you have the option of the MHL cable, but also the option of connecting your phone using an HDMI cable .

Technology advances day by day, that is why today we do not need annoying cables to connect our phones or computers to the television screen, since with the use of certain applications or programs we can do it either to transmit video games or movies . You can achieve all this by  duplicating the screen of your mobile phone to the SmartTV

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