How do I create and configure a custom paper size for my printer?

A large percentage of documents intended to be printed are set to a factory default size from the beginning . The user is always able to edit these options, adding a personalized touch to his files, so that they are effectively adapted to the final result he hopes to obtain.

Steps to set a custom paper size for my printer in Windows

In the first step to create the new configuration, go to “Control Panel” on your computer. Then click on “Devices and Printers” to access a new window of options corresponding to the statement.

The pop-up window will show printers that have been used on your computer, select the one you currently use. At the top, click on “Print Server Properties” to proceed further.

In case these properties do not appear, right click in a blank area under “Printers”, followed by “Run as administrator”, then “Server properties” and finally “Continue”.

The next thing to configure a custom paper size for my printer is to locate “Forms” in the new window and select the box for the option “Create new form” to open a line or text box destined to type the name of the form in question .

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Go to the bottom and select the measurements that your form or document will have in “Width” and “Height”; however, the print margin measurements should remain at 0.

Press “Save form” and then “Accept” to finish the first part of the procedure in question. Now, to proceed with printing, place the sheet of paper in the printer’s input tray, sized to fit the document size you just customized.

While in Word and in the print window, press “Printer Properties”, followed by “Paper / quality”.

Next, go to locate the custom paper size in the “Paper Size” options menu, press “OK” and then “Print” to finalize the action.

Steps to customize the paper size for my printer on MacOS

Knowing how to set a custom paper size for my printer in Windows, now you can do it equally in MacOS; Even if you want to share a network printer on Windows and MacOS computers , you will also have the possibility to do it to get out of that as well.

In another sense, the size option can be modified from the document’s page setup or directly from the print menu. This last alternative being the one that will be described below.

Place the sheet of paper in the printer’s input tray, which is supposed to have the dimensions you require for your document. Open the text file on your computer, press “File” and then “Print.”

Locate the option “Paper size” and then click “Manage custom sizes” to open the respective options window.

Immediately press the icon with the “+” sign to create a new size. L ollowing type a name for the form within the box that appears there.

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As a note and as in the case of the Windows operating system, the designated name must be original and unique for that type of file. Scroll to the dimensions area and under “Width” or “Height”, edit the measurements according to your criteria.

Press “OK” when you finish deciding the respective measures and once in the print preview, choose the custom size for the paper, click “OK”, then “Print” and case closed, the document will be ready.

Now, before finishing, it will be necessary that, long before all this procedure, you have configured your printer in Mac OS via WiFi in a simple way. With everything, you can give way to the processes previously explained. I know they will help you!

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