How can I know if a web page is false or true?

In recent years and thanks to the growth and acceptance of users by social networks, this has become the focal point of scammers to get clients or victims . But the ads that we can see here also have their Achilles heel and we could identify whether or not it was a possible scam, in the same way we can proceed with the web pages.

Users are always looking for articles that help them stay safe when entering the network. That is why these tutorials fit them like a glove. To be able to recognize these fake websites as well as to know if an online website is safe to buy, do not stop doing basic reading for them.

How can I know if a web page is false or true?

Is that the tricks that scammers can use to confuse and make users think that they are entering a page that seems real, but is not, they are very varied. But there are certain tricks that if you understand and apply them well, they will help you at all times to identify when you are in the presence of a fake web page.

And the first recommendation that

people check websitee is not only made by us, but also by the Safer Internet of the European Commission. And it refers to the verification of the URL, since it must be correct, and a lock icon must also appear on its left side. This will guarantee us in the first instance that we are entering a real web page.

Another point that we must watch very well and be attentive, is what refers to the grammar that strange symbols do not appear. We can also carry out a verification of the ownership of the internet domain .

We can do this using a tool called Whois, it is online and it will give us all the information we need to know about any website that we are going to enter.

Signs that you must let us pass to know if a Web page is false

Another aspect that can help us a lot is to see the comments posted by users who have previously used the page. They will give their opinion on purchases made and the attention received. It can also be very suspicious to have only one or two comments from satisfied customers, the alarms should go off.

This is especially recommended in virtual stores that offer a product such as dresses, shoes, watches, telephones, bicycles, etc. Many times these pages offer us very low prices to attract the attention of a possible victim. For this reason, it is recommended to compare prices with other similar stores.

Another very effective way would be to search for pages that offer original products and see if there is any discrepancy between the characteristics and specifications of the products. This way you can have an idea if the web page where you are trying to make an online purchase is false. We must at all times have common sense and not get carried away by a supposed offer from the market.

Always remember that fraudulent web pages only seek to have access to your personal information and with it receive a benefit. For this reason, it is very important that you do not record information as sensitive as credit card details, for example. On a website that you are not sure of its legitimacy and therefore it is a vile trap.

real fake website

Last but not least, you must take into account the https security protocol, which tells us that we are entering a secure web page, unlike http. And in this way we finish this little guide, which instructed you on how I can tell if a Web page is false or true.

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