How can I improve latency and lower my internet ping? – Step by Step

One of the most essential things in modern life is the internet. Many are the tasks that need to be performed on a daily basis which involve having this service in optimal conditions. Well, at the same time you can search daily for a lot of interesting alternatives through your browser .

It is not only the fact that it must be fast, but also that it should not have any type of error within its speed or operation. So many times you choose to reestablish the connection to your internet .

Ping is part of one of the most important factors in the internet connection, since it, if it is not in optimal conditions, can affect our experience surfing the net or even playing games. So without a doubt you are wanting to accelerate the speed of your internet to the maximum .

In this post we will give you some important data with which you can improve your Internet connection ping.

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Start by checking the signal strength

One of the factors why the internet can become slow is due to the WiFi connection, which depending on its remoteness, may or may not become slow and thus weaken the signal.

However, one of the main factors by which this weakness arises is the distancing of the connection and the obstacles that can be placed between the connection.

If you notice that your Internet connection  is suffering from a high ping, the main thing to check is that the router’s WiFi signal is reaching your device in an acceptable way.

It is important to check the condition of the cables

In a very common way it can happen that some users get to install the cables in a wrong way, or that in their defect they completely forget about their maintenance and correct way of use.

Like most items, cables generally suffer from various types of wear and tear over time and use. This wear can increase the way in which the cables work with respect to the current and the connection that falls on them as their responsibility.

In addition to causing some interference problems, some other electronic items may be permanently damaged if these cables are not repaired or replaced correctly.

All of these elements can cause the connection pin to be affected significantly. For this reason, it is important that a standard review of the condition of the cables be carried out periodically.

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Make a router change periodically to a better one

When Internet access is contracted through an ISP, this agreement usually gives us a router as part of the contract. Said router has different presentations, ranging from the most basic to the best of the best in terms of connection and handling.

These routers are key elements in the browsing experience that we obtain, so it is extremely important that they always stay updated towards better versions in order to always have the best tools.

Try to avoid VPN connections and proxies

This is an unusual but very important suggestion. Multiple users usually resort to various VPN connections and with it to various proxy services , which help you access some content that is restricted in certain countries.

However, it is common for these two elements to add a lower speed to your internet due to the connections that it must make. The best thing in these cases is to ask yourself about the real need for the use of the proxy or, failing that, about the VPN service.

When you proceed to deactivate it, you may realize that they take a great deal of weight off your internet connection and that this will greatly improve the performance of your connection.

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