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Google Play is the main digital distribution platform used in devices with Android OS, in addition, it is the linking tool between Android and Google. Google Play is made up of several sections through which you can access different content formats, which can range from books and magazines, to movies, applications and music.

Google Play receives news and updates on a regular basis, so it is always on the agenda when it comes to technology and smart accessibility. In this sense, it is important to note that the different content developers who want to use Android as a distribution platform must be affiliated with Google Play in order to offer their creations to different Android users.

There is currently an infinity of content available through Google Play, which involves free and paid content, as well as accommodates independent creators and large developer companies. Regarding its origin, Google Play was born in 2012 after the merger of Google Music and Android Market, making Google the company responsible for this digital distribution platform.

How to register an account

To get the most out of any Android device, it is essential to have a Google Play account, since without it, it is not possible to download applications or any type of content from the Play Store (Android virtual store). However, creating a user on this platform is much easier than it seems, and it is enough to follow the steps listed below:

  1. If you do not yet have a Google account that you can use to use Google Play services, open any of the Google applications on your Android device. It can be, for example, Play Store.
  2. When you open this App for the first time, Google will ask you to log in or create an account on the platform.
  3. If you don’t have a Google account, choose ” Create Account.”
  4. Next, a menu will be displayed in which you must enter the requested personal information. After that, click ” Next “.
  5. Next you must choose a username or Gmail for your new account, as well as it will be necessary to enter a password. It is important to use a name that has not been previously used to avoid repeating the process. Again, click ” Next “.
  6. Once this is done, you can enter your phone number, recovery email and other personal data.
  7. Finally, you will have to accept Google’s terms and conditions to complete the registration. With this, you will be able to access all the functionalities of Google Play from your Android device,

Use an existing account

  1. Access the Play Store or the device’s settings application.
  2. Access the ” Accounts ” option and choose the ” Add Accounts ” option .
  3. When you do the above, select the ” Google ” option . And the Google login menu will be displayed.
  4. Here you must enter your Gmail account and password, then press ” Sign in ” and voila, you will have linked your existing Google account to Google Play services. Remember that you can link multiple accounts on the same device.

What is it for

The importance of Google Play lies in the fact that it does not function as an application itself, but operates in the background to keep important files of the Android system and the different applications of Google services (Play Store, Play Games, and others up to date). ).

In this way, it does not matter if an Android device has a version of the operating system that is discontinued or freely modified by a user, Google Play will continue to function as a guideline for content developers, since it is through this channel that the device receives the necessary updates for the different installed applications.

In the same way, Google Play works as a regulated channel so that content developers do not have to create a particular application version for each version of Android, as this would be a colossal task. Instead, they are governed by Google Play to create applications and any type of content, thus ensuring that all Android devices with Google Play can be compatible with their products.


Google Play can be defined in a simple way through the following characteristics:

  • It is a platform that integrates different Google services on devices with Android operating system.
  • Link all Google applications through a single account easily.
  • It allows developers to create content and upload it to the Play Store without worrying about compatibility issues with the many versions of Android.
  • Its use is free and is essential to get the most out of an Android mobile device.
  • It has support in different languages and is available for almost every country in the world.
  • It has a comfortable and safe interface to use.
  • It offers different security protocols that allow the protection of personal information, payment methods and parental access.


Google Play is made up of different sections that operate under independent (although linked) applications that allow access to the different Android functionalities. What they are are briefly outlined below:

Play Store

The Google Play Store is the official virtual bazaar for Android and Google, this is the Google Play platform that allows you to download all kinds of content compatible with the Android operating system. All this, through an internet connection and access to this application. Thus, in the Play Store, users can purchase applications for private use, games, movies, books, series and other digital products. In addition, there is free and paid content, so it is possible to choose from the extensive catalog offered by the platform.

Play Music

Google Play Music (or Play Music), is a cloud storage service focused on storing music acquired by a user through their Google Play account. This service was launched in 2011 and in addition to allowing its use for free, it offers the possibility of listening to streaming music through a subscription. Google Play Music is available for browser, desktop application for PC and mobile devices with Android operating system.

Play games

Google Play Games (or Play Games), is another Google service developed for Android devices, web pages and iOS devices. This works in a similar way to Steam, PlayStation Network, and other online gaming interfaces. In this sense, Play Games is an essential requirement to be able to access multiplayer games online. In addition, it links the user’s account to a system of achievements, leaderboards and saving progress in the cloud. Google Play Games has been available since 2013 and has greatly exploited the production and mass production of multiplayer games on Android devices.

Play books

Google Play Books (or Play Books), is an application for reading books in electronic format developed by Google for Android devices. This app can be purchased for free through the Play Store and has a catalog of more than four million books. In addition to the above, Play Books works with a cloud storage system that stores the books purchased by a user, allowing the user to access them from different platforms by simply logging into their account. Play Books has been available since 2013.

Play Movies

It is another of the services linked to Google Play for Android devices. Google Play Movies (or Play Movies) works as a video player application to view all the content purchased through a Google Play account. In this sense, Google Play offers the possibility of buying or renting movies and series digitally and playing them through this application without the need for internet access.

Play Console

Google Play Console is a tool available for content developers who offer their applications and products through the Google Play platform. Through the Play Console, monitoring parameters are offered that show the positioning, the number of downloads and other detailed information regarding the interaction of its applications with the users and consumers who have accessed said products.

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