Free online plagiarism checker – How to know if a text has been copied from the Internet

That is, to reproduce something foreign and claim the right or merit, a very common fact nowadays especially at the internet level; however, there are certain programs that analyze these contents at the text level .

Nowadays, most of the students make these verbatim copies, because they have not learned to write in their own words or they do not like to write; even the literal content of encyclopedias and even thesis are copied; but certain software to detect plagiarism inform us if the text is identical or if there are certain similarities and their percentage.

What are the consequences that plagiarism of a text can bring?

They can be academic, personal, professional and legal; Regarding academic, there are certain institutions that have an office that is responsible for solving these cases of theft of intellectual property or plagiarism, and infractions range from zero in the grade to expulsion from the institution.

In addition to being embarrassed with their classmates, students do not learn about the topics, because they have not investigated them, continuing with little ability to create their own content, as well as poor writing skills for future projects; On a professional level, it marks your reputation and you can be fired, problems getting future jobs.

At the legal level, the punishment ranges from money fines to criminal proceedings, such as complaints made for copies of videos on YouTube ,  and can include jail, either for the lucrative use of the material or if it has caused any damage to the original. ; therefore it is very important to use these programs to place watermarks and detect plagiarism.

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How does the software work to detect plagiarism in a text?

Plagiarism has compatibility with more than 190 languages of the globe, it gives us the option of placing both the text that we are going to analyze and the URL of the initial document; You can also upload files in TXT, HTML, DOC PDF, DOCX among others, you can also download this software for Android mobiles.

Most of these programs to detect plagiarism use the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) which are Google or Bing search pages that show the results in an orderly way and we can get caught in a black list.

Also the use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEO, with the idea that this appears in a better position in the results of those searches that have been selected and have been remarkable in your web.

Example of a free online plagiarism checker

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We will continue with the reference to the Plagiarism Checker plagiarism detector , which is free and highly verified software. Well, most generally charge a fixed monthly subscription fee; It can be used by students, teachers, writers, and professionals in general.

The first thing you should do is download the application ; then copy the text you have prepared and paste it in the box where the content will be analyzed ; then we click on the Check Plagiarism button at the bottom; once the verification is completed, which only lasts a few seconds, the result appears with its percentage.

The green color indicates what is not plagiarism and the red color those that already exist in different Web matters and that must be corrected until reaching zero percent, if possible, for this, click on the arrow that says compare and it will show you what you should correct; Well, it has already been compared with databases and with the Internet.

To end; These programs examined based on the frequencies of vocabulary, phrases or sentences matching. Although the latter has created an algorithm to omit the most common phrases; It is important to quote the author and avoid future problems.

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