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MercadoLibre is a company of Argentine origin that helps with the purchase, sale and management of payments over the Internet. It allows all its users to offer new or used items on its platform. It has different cost modalities, ranging from a single price or auctions. It has a great diversity, because you get big investors or companies, like small producers.

From the beginning they were committed to free trade between countries, with the intention of promoting and strengthening the economy in each region. It currently has 5 services associated with the company, so that they can manage everything related to commerce in one place.

How does it work

MercadoLibre works like an online shop window to expose your products for sale. The company serves as a mediator between the buyer and the seller, offering some systems to protect both parties. You simply go to the page, locate the product you want, the offers and contact the seller to make the payment.

The main way to know the reliability of sellers is through the reputation system offered by the platform. Each user when making a transaction or purchase, must leave a rating of the transaction. In this way, points are accumulated that serve as a reference to other buyers.

In order to access their services, you must create an account for free on their page. You can register as follows:

  1. Go to the official page of https://www.mercadolibre.com/, enter the MercadoLibre corresponding to your country and then select the option “Create your account”.
  2. Fill in all your personal information and click on “Create account”.
  3. At the end you will get a notice that tells you that you have registered successfully.

To buy

To buy on this website you must be very observant. Some advice that the official site gives is that you examine the publication of the article to be offered well. It is important that you analyze the state in which the object is, review the photos provided and see its specifications. If the product is new, you must make sure that it has a guarantee and that, if you are not satisfied, you can return it.

You have a question box that you can use before bidding anything. Ask all your questions before buying, to ensure that you are going to make an offer for the right product. Once you have chosen your product, you must offer it. The way to do it will be detailed below:

  1. In the post, click on the option that says: “Buy.”
  2. If you have not yet entered your phone number, you must confirm one in order to contact the seller and continue with the purchase.
  3. Once confirmed, a message will appear indicating that in your email you will find all the information to make the payment and withdraw your product.
  4. Once the purchase is made, you must leave your rating for the business. Locate the “My purchases” section.
  5. In the article offered, select the three points to see more options and click on “Qualify purchase”.
  6. You will get a box that you must fill in with the purchase details. When choosing the option, you must click on “Continue”.
  7. Then, you must fill in your opinion about the seller. At the end, press ” Continue ” and you will have completed your transaction.

To sell

Selling a product is very simple, you just have to publish a small post with information and one or more photos of the article itself. You must take into account how you will do to deliver the item when they buy it. You can make that information clear in the publication you will make, as well as the status of the product and the types of payments you accept.

In order to sell something, you must be registered, if you have not done it yet, at the beginning of this post are the steps to do so. Next, we will analyze how to publish your first sale with these practical steps:

  1. On the main page select your username.
  2. A list will be displayed, where you must select the ” Sales ” option .
  3. In this section, you must decide in which category your product is located.
  4. Now, you must select the name or title of the publication. Usually it is the name of the product you are offering. When placing it, click on “Continue”.
  5. Automatically, the platform will show you the category where you should locate your product, you will have to choose it to continue.
  6. On the next screen, you must finish filling in the product data, once you do, click on “Confirm”.
  7. Next, you must add an image of what you are selling and some more information. Once done, you can click “Confirm”.
  8. It will ask you to confirm your personal information. After you do, you must click on “Save and publish.”
  9. Finally, you will have to assign a sale price to it.

In this way, the platform will confirm that your product is already on sale.

Countries where it is available

The platform has been very popular throughout Latin America, currently it has branches in Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Uruguay. More recently, he announced his agencies in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Panama.


It was founded by Marcos Galperin in 1999, with the dream of innovating the market in Latin America. The idea occurred to him while the Argentine was studying his MBA at the Stanford University School of Business. It was thanks to his finance teacher Jack McDonald, who helped him in his early days, to contact people who would make Galperin’s dream come true.

Since August 2, 1999, the company officially saw the light, which quickly expanded to almost all of Latin America. By January 2001 the company signed an agreement with eBay, which officially became its main shareholder. By August 2007, its shares were publicly listed on the NASDAQ.

In 2008 he monopolized the market more in his favor, acquiring and creating popular pages of sales and purchases of cars, houses, motorcycles and yachts. Becoming the most used platform in Latin America to buy or sell any kind of product. By 2020, the company announced that its founder would leave the position in the hands of Stelleo Passos.


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