eBay is a platform specialized in e-commerce and online auctions founded in 1995, it is a digital store that sells products online that range from collectible records to furniture and real estate. This platform is one of the first to introduce the online shopping model that emerged in the 1960s.

EBay is currently leading among the first most popular online stores , also increased user traffic after opening to other platforms such as devices with Android OS, IOS, Microsoft Store, and through the official website.

Since the birth of eBay in the 90s, this company has managed to spread around the world , passing through European countries, North America and Australia. Thus, it is worth noting the fact that it is considered one of the online stores with the best policies that protect buyers and sellers.

How does it work

eBay has two different processes to use the platform, each of them is described below: 

Purchasing process

To be able to buy a product on eBay, it is necessary to have a user on this platform , so that, through it, it is possible to affiliate bank accounts or payment methods, as well as choose a postal address through which to receive the products purchased. It should be noted that the cancellation of the products can range from cryptocurrencies and electronic wallets, to even credit cards. There is another method of buying through auctions , bidding based on the cost of a product.

Sales process

Selling products on the platform is simple, just create a user and describe a product through an ad along with the price and payment methods , publish it and wait for someone to make the purchase. However, eBay has another auction sale process that also allows the item to be described and advertised based on an exit cost. Currently many sites have specialized in tips to win auctions, however it is not always safe to win.

EBay account

The first thing that must be done to make purchases and sales on this platform is that, it is necessary to register an account on eBay, for this, we explain step by step how to do it:

Create Account

  1. To create an account on eBay, it is necessary to access the official page by clicking on the following link to eBay.com.
  2. After going to the official eBay page, then go to the upper left where it is written ” register ” and click on it.
  3. Next, a form must be filled out with the data corresponding to “name, surname, email account and password”.
  4. When you finish filling in the form, click on the ” register ” button and that’s it. 

Log in

  1. To log in to eBay, you must first access the official page through this link to eBay.com
  2. After placing yourself on the page, then you must direct the cursor to the blue letters on the back left that says “start session” and click on it.
  3. Next, a window will appear in which user data such as “email and password” must be entered. 
  4. Now you must click on the “continue” button, in this way you will have already logged in normally.

How to sell 

  1. First, to start selling on eBay we must go to the top of the page and select “sell” at the top of the portal.
  2. Then you must select the option to “create an ad” for the item you want to sell.
  3. Then you must confirm the product data, add the payment method you want to use to collect eBay commissions.
  4. This is the end of the steps to publish an article and sell it.

How to buy

  1. To be able to buy on eBay you need to have an account, then go to the catalog to find the product you want to buy.
  2. Once the product is located, click on “buy it now”
  3. Then proceed to select the payment method available on the platform.
  4. The purchase details must be confirmed in order to proceed with it.
  5. Finally, click on “continue” and the purchase is completed.

How to download eBay

  1. To download the eBay application you must have a device with an Android, IOS or Windows Phone OS.
  2. Basically to download eBay for devices with Android OS it is only necessary to access this link the application eBay in the Play Store.
  3. If you have a device with IOS, just access this link to the App Store to download eBay.
  4. For devices with OS Windows Phone, simply click on the following link eBay to download the application from the Microsoft Store.


eBay is a website focused on electronic commerce that has a series of characteristics that are outlined below:

  • eBay is an online shopping site , most used for its sales system through auctions.  
  • The capitalist economic model of eBay is noted at the time that a product can cost what a user is willing to pay.
  • As a consequence of the above feature, on eBay you can find discontinued products, collectibles, or unusual items .
  • eBay allows users to build a reputation through valuation 

Advantages and disadvantages

eBay is a platform with a notable sales traffic and buying on it, even so it has both positive and negative points that will be analyzed below:


  • eBay has a huge and varied catalog of products on its platform.
  • Different payment methods through electronic wallets and credit cards.
  • The eBay platform has one of the strictest security controls to protect its users’ data.
  • The eBay website is one of the platforms with the highest sales traffic and the best positioning of articles in the electronic commerce industry.


  • When choosing to set up a store on a site like eBay, you can incur extra expenses due to the fees of e-commerce sites.
  • Platforms like eBay are not interested in emphasizing the brand of a user’s product.
  • Displaying products on an ecommerce page like eBay makes it much more difficult to position yourself above the competition .
  • International shipments from eBay are not cheap , and they usually arrive at their destination days late.


For those looking for alternatives to eBay, some of the popular alternative e-commerce platforms are briefly reviewed below:


Amazon is a company specialized in electronic commerce founded in 1994, currently this company has the most varied digital commerce, and is available in 9 different countries including the United Kingdom and the US To access the shopping catalog, just go to via this link to the official site of Amazon.com.

Free market 

Mercado Libre is a platform dedicated to online sales, purchases and payments created in 1999, the use of this company is present in Latin American countries. To access it and search for products, it is necessary to click on this link to the official page ofMercadoLibre.com.


Etsy is a website dedicated to global commerce launched in 2005, today this e-commerce platform is built by a community that sells items in its different and eye-catching categories. Accessing this site and taking a look is simple, it is only necessary to go to the official page through this link toEtsy.com.


OLX is an e-commerce page through online classified ads founded in 2006, this platform was present in at least 87 countries. Accessing this site is simple, it is only necessary to click on this direct link to its official page ofOLX.com


Aliexpress is an online product store created in 2010, it is a communication platform (intermediary) between sellers and buyers, mostly between merchants from China to the rest of the countries. So that to use this website it is only necessary to access the official website ofAliexpress.com.

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