DiDi is a company of Chinese origin that offers smart mobility services since 2012. In this sense, it is one of the leading companies in the sector together with Uber or Cabify. Currently, DiDi offers transport services through its applications, so a user who wants to request a taxi can simply access the platform and request a taxi in a short time.

In addition to its main service, DiDi has also managed to expand services such as the delivery service Delivery of food and products, bus services to mobilize large groups of people. DiDi offers its services in different countries in America and Europe, such as Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, and others. This, not to mention China, the main country in which the company has become massively popular.

Such has been the success of this Chinese company, which currently has more than 30 million users making active use of the platform to travel and request other exclusive services offered by DiDi and that differentiate it from the rest of the companies in this sector .

How does it work

Being a smart mobility company, DiDi operates like Uber, Cabify and other companies that use apps to contact drivers and passengers quickly and safely. In this sense, DiDi stands out for offering other services to its users such as the delivery of products, designated driving, transport vehicles for large groups and more.

Thus, drivers and transport service providers can create an account within DiDi, and once they have been certified by the company, they will be able to offer their services through the application, offering DiDi 10% of the income generated by every trip made. As for the users, they have the possibility of creating their own user and accessing the information of the designated drivers or service providers, thus offering greater confidence and peace of mind when traveling.

It does not matter if a person wants to access all the benefits for passengers or drivers of DiDi, just download the official application and register on its platform.

How to use

After registering on the DiDi platform, if you want to request a taxi, just open the app and select the destination you want to reach. By doing so, the platform will show the cost of the trip and the different payment options that can be used to pay for the service.

Once these details are specified, you only need to select the place to meet the driver and wait until he reaches the designated place. It should be noted that the wait time will vary based on different factors such as traffic, location, and time.

Register as a user

  • To create a user in DiDi, just go to Play Store orApple Store depending on your device and download the official DiDi application.
  • Once the app is downloaded, access the registry. In this section you must add your cell phone number and click on ” Accept the terms and conditions of use “.
  • You will then receive a text message with a validation code that you must place on the DiDi platform.
  • Once the code has been validated, you will be able to choose a password to enter the platform, as well as your personal data and payment methods.
  • After this process, you will be able to use the services offered by DiDi.

Register as a driver

  • To offer services as a driver through the DiDi platform, you must download the DiDi driver application from the Play Store or Apple Store as appropriate. This process can also be carried out from com
  • Access the registration form as a driver and add the requested information, which includes personal data, telephone number and bank information.
  • As an extra measure, DiDi will request that you attach information such as an electronic signature and other documents.

Advantages and disadvantages

As a platform for transportation and other services, DiDi has its own advantages and disadvantages that are worth knowing. Here are the most important ones:


  • Unlike other alternatives , DiDi offers other services such as the delivery of food to the door of the home or the hiring of buses for tourism or transfer of large groups of people.
  • Drivers receive better earnings than through other platforms, since DiDi only a 10% commission.
  • DiDi offers security tools to keep travelers comfortable at all times.
  • In many countries, DiDi carries travel insurance for drivers and passengers.
  • Despite being a company of Chinese origin, it has spread rapidly, managing to be present in several countries in Latin America and Europe.


  • Despite its great success and large number of active users, it is not the most popular company in Spanish-speaking countries.
  • It does not have as many service providers as Uber or Cabify, so the waiting times to receive a taxi can be longer.
  • Despite being present in several Latin American and European countries, it has not managed to spread as much as the leading companies in this sector.


Although DiDi is one of the best options when choosing a smart mobility application, the truth is that there are other equally useful alternatives to receive this type of service. Some of them are briefly outlined below:


How could it be otherwise, Uber is one of the best options when creating a user as a passenger or driver on a smart mobility platform. This is because Uber is the undisputed leading company in this market. It has operations in most Latin American and European countries, standing out for having an immense number of active users.


Cabify is another of the giants of the technological mobility industry, since since its launch as a transport network company, it has reached the vast majority of European countries (being the most popular company in the old continent), in addition, in Latin America most of the countries have been integrated. Like Uber, it offers a safe and comfortable platform for passengers and carriers to be in direct contact and meet their needs in a short time.


Another interesting option to DiDi is Beat, an intelligent transport platform that has been active since 2011 in countries around the world. In Latin America, Beat is operating in the main cities of Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico, with more than 150 thousand affiliated drivers and actively offering mobility services.


InDriver is one of the newest companies to enter the smart mobility industry. Its system works by providing transport offers in real time, so the prices and conditions of transport may vary and be negotiated between passengers and drivers. In this way, it is possible to have a more direct and human interaction between the server and the user. InDrive is operating in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Chile and Bolivia.


Also known as Etaxi, it is another of the best known platforms in this industry. It is available in eight Latin American countries and has an official application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices. Its main characteristic is the fact that it offers real-time monitoring of the transport route, so the company follows at all times that everything goes according to what was agreed between the driver and the user.


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