Cuenta regresiva para Año Nuevo: cuánto tiempo falta

Thousands of people around the world gather with their families to celebrate the anecdotes of the old year and share good wishes for the one to come. Although the way to celebrate these festivities varies from country to country, counting down to celebrate the arrival of a New Year together is a common custom. Therefore, in this post you will find a timer indicating how much time is left in different countries.

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If you want to know how much time is left for the New Year in Argentina, you can do so by observing this simple stopwatch, where the remaining days, hours, minutes and seconds are shown.

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In this section, you will be able to observe a countdown to the arrival of the New Year in Spain.

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If you want to see how much time is left for the New Year in Mexico, you just have to look at this timer where even the remaining seconds for this important date are indicated.

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This is a countdown where days, hours, minutes, and even seconds are missing for the New Year in Colombia.

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If you want to know how many days until the arrival of the New Year in Chile, you can observe it in the following timer.

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In this section, you can see how much time is left for the New Year in the United States and wait for this important date second by second.

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Using applications

To find out how many days until the New Year, it is also possible to use mobile applications. Below is a list of programs for Android and iOS

New year countdown

This is an animated background with fireworks and the number of the new year in large letters, it is important to note that it does not have a musical background. It is a light application, very simple to have a countdown to wait for the New Year as a wallpaper.

Although it is a free application for the basic functions, you can get more variety, different colors but the same animated letters if you have a Premium account. Download the application by following thislink to the official store.

Countdown live wallpaper 2020

This is an interactive and animated wallpaper, where the predominant color constantly changes from black to red. As for the letters, you can customize them by choosing from several available colors

Although it shows the countdown first, you can see the year you are heading to by holding down the screen. You will have different options to customize the animation, setting the speed among other details. To download this application enter thislink.

Countdown 2020

This is an extremely simple application. As its description in the Play Store indicates, it is only to ” know when the fireworks start.” It does not have a wallpaper and you must enter the application to see the countdown. You can download this program by clicking on itlink.

Countdown star

This is an option available for both iPhone and Android devices. You just have to open it to see the exact countdown of when the New Year begins. It has a default fireworks wallpaper and an option to share screenshots with the countdown.

On the other hand, you can add different events as a reminder and customize the countdown, placing other wallpapers and changing their title. To download this application on Android follow thislink and in iOS click on thislink.

Countdown! Day counter

Countdown! Day counter
Developer: Carolina platti
Price: Free +

This is an excellent application, as it has various customization options, allows you to use widgets for quick access, as well as add notes and reminders to events, and even create countdowns including seconds.

Countdown! Day counter is used for various events. It is a free application, with several Premium functionalities. To get it just follow thislink to the official Apple store.

There are different ways to verify the countdown to the New Year, you can choose the most beautiful, light or simply the one that best suits your needs, covering all aspects. They all fulfill the main function, but it will be the additional factors mentioned that will determine the best option for you.



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