Countdown to Christmas: how much time is left

The enthusiasm and anxiety that Christmas is coming is present in much of the year, especially in children. In the holiday season, there are few things that bring as much joy and joy as the smile of the little ones when Christmas arrives. Family, food, hugs and games abound at these parties. For this reason, in this post there is a countdown to Christmas in different countries.


In this section, there is a timer where you can see how much time is left until Christmas in Argentina.


This clock shows a countdown with days, hours, minutes and seconds to the arrival of Christmas in Spain.


If you want to know how long until Christmas in Mexico, you just have to look at the following timer.


Below is a timer with a countdown to the arrival of Christmas in Colombia.


To know how much time is left to celebrate Christmas in Chile, you just have to look at the following clock.


If you want to know the countdown to Christmas in the United States, this section shows a timer with the exact days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Using mobile applications

Another alternative is to install Christmas countdown apps on your smartphone. In the following list, you can find programs dedicated to this topic, both for Android and iOS.

Countdown to christmas

This is a simple and very beautiful application with different customization options and an ingenious design with gifts for users every day from December 1 to 25, with which you will get an HD image of Christmas prize.

When you open the application, you have a permanent timer on a beautiful wallpaper and Christmas music. Change the wallpaper whenever you want and set the countdown to December 24 or 25 according to your preference. Although it is a free application it has purchase options, you can download it for Android by following thislink and for iOS with thislink.

3D Christmas Countdown Live Wallpaper

This application does not have configuration options but it is a beautiful mobile wallpaper in three dimensions. It has a red background and yellow lights forming a Christmas tree, which you can see from different perspectives by moving the device.

Although there is only one Wallpaper, it has different recommended applications with which you can change the wallpaper, once you have installed them. Download by following thislink to the Play Store.

Countdown Christmas 3D

This is an interactive 3D scene of a Christmas tree made of lights and a star counting down to Christmas on a red background. You can draw a beam of light by dragging the star and move the device to see the tree from different perspectives.

Plus, you can listen to Christmas songs like “Jingle Bells” by double-tapping the screen. To download this application for iOS, you just have to follow thislink to the official store.

As you have seen in this post, in addition to the clocks you have at the beginning of the text, you have a wide variety of applications (both for Android and iOS) with which you can see at all times how much time is left until Christmas. You just have to add this site to your favorites or download one of these apps to your mobile.


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