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Control + Alt + Delete: What is your key combination and what is it for?

The key combination Control + Alt + Delete is also known as Ctrl + Alt + Del (Delete). This sequence of keys is a keyboard command, used to make shortcuts on the pc ; that is, when we press these three keys, we tell the software or operating system that it must perform a certain task, such as logging in or interrupting a function.

The creator of this script is Microsoft mogul Bill Gates ; who recently assured that it was a mistake to create this shortcut using the combination of three keys, since both hands must be used to carry out that command.

Bill Gates believes that this shortcut could have been created by pressing a single key, however, this combination of letters is a function widely used by Windows users.

What is this command for?

This key combination can be used in various procedures running on the pc; but you must bear in mind that for the function to be carried out you have to press the three keys simultaneously (Ctrl + Alt + Del).


  1. When you log in you can press this shortcut to enter the username and password that you use to access your pc.
  2. If you are on the desktop, this command allows you to log out, lock the computer, start task manager, modify the password and user.
  3.  This command is very useful for closing unresponsive programs or when Windows freezes.
  4. It is used to put the equipment to sleep (be careful, suspend is different from hibernate ).

These key combinations are applicable to perform functions on computers with Windows operating system, if you have a MacOS computer, the above-mentioned functions are not performed with the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys; since, you must use other keys to carry out those functions.

Why does this shortcut sometimes not work?

  1. Verify that your keyboard is not damaged or does not have garbage obstructing one of the keys when it is pressed. A good option is to thoroughly clean your keyboard before using it.
  2. Sometimes third-party software modifies the registry values ​​of the PC; so if you installed an application before this command began to fail, uninstall said app and see if the problem persists.
  3. The keyboard configuration on the computer has been modified, for this you must reset the configuration and activate the function of the keys.
  4. The computer is infected with a virus that limits keyboard commands.
  5. Make sure you are pressing the correct keys.

Other key combinations that can be useful in Windows:

Office woman use PC

There are a large number of key combinations to perform various actions in Windows, here we will show you the most practical shortcuts that will help you use your computer more efficiently:

  • Help: F1.
  • Start menu: Ctrl + Esc.
  • Switch between windows that are open: Alt + Tab.
  • Exit the program: Alt + F4.
  • Copy a text or image: Ctrl + C.
  • Paste text or image: Ctrl + V.
  • Cut: Ctrl + X.
  • Undo an action performed: Ctrl + Z.
  • Redo what we have undone: Ctrl + Y.
  • Move the course through the words: Ctrl + arrow left or right.
  • Save the changes: Ctrl + S.
  • Move the cursor to the beginning: Ctrl + Home.
  • Place the cursor at the end of the document: Ctrl + End.
  • Select all: Ctrl + A.
  • Opening a new document: Ctrl + O.
  • Print: Ctrl + P.

To execute these shortcuts you must simultaneously press the combination of keys you want to use.

These key combinations are a very effective tool when using the computer; So start using all the necessary shortcuts to streamline the process of a function, increase productivity, save time and perform several tasks at the same time.

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