Best WiFi analyzers for Windows

WiFi tools for Windows 10 are essential to optimize your home network settings. With a good analysis tool you can determine the best position of the router. These WiFi analyzers for Windows show the strength of the signal on a computer, being able to show its performance in real time. They are also useful for Windows to connect to the best public WiFi network while on the go.

You can experience the benefits of using one of the best WiFi analyzers for Windows to optimize your network for the best performance. Below I show you our selection of the best options to choose from.

WiFi analyzers for Windows

SpeedTest Master

With SpeedTest Master you can compare the speed of the network with a single click in a matter of seconds. The tool is easy to use and provides accurate test results from thousands of servers near you. You can use the speed checker tool to measure your internet download speed and upload speed. The tool is also capable of a ping latency test.

This Windows speed checker shows you the IP address and hostname. The speed checker can display ping latency for online devices present on the local network. All speed test history and network browsing history can be accessed in the log file. Windows speed test supports network switch on WiFi or wired network.

Download SpeedTest Master for  mi


This tool is a free WiFi analyzer for Windows developed by Nirsoft. You can use it to collect information about the surrounding WiFi networks. It allows you to scan nearby wireless networks and provide information about them.

The summary mode shows the synopsis of the wireless networks present in the area. You can get the network channel numbers, router manufacturing company, signal quality, etc. In this way you can find the best WiFi channel around you with the tool at any time to access the Internet at the best speed.

Download WifiInfoView for  Windows


WirelessNetView is a lightweight utility that monitors all wireless network activity. The GUI of this network tool is simple and easy to access, displaying the list of all networks in a single window. You can export the details of any network to a text or HTML file by clicking on it.

The tool lacks graphics, unlike other WiFi tools for Windows. Despite this, it provides a simple overview of WiFi networks. You can see the value of the last received signal and the average over time with the WirelessNetView.

Download WirelessNetView for  Windows

WiFi Analyzer

With this WiFi analyzer for Windows you can find the best place to place your home router. It also allows you to identify problems related to your WiFi network, shows you the quality and strength of the wireless router’s signal. This is undoubtedly the best WiFi analyzer tool to locate the access point.

The basic version of the tool does not contain advertising, although it does come with limited features. But you can get other features through an in-app purchase. In the premium version you will get more control over the WiFi network. With this tool you can get the network infrastructure and the details of the connected devices.

Download WiFi Analyzer for  mi

WiFi Commander

With WiFi Commander you can scan and find the best WiFi networks in your environment. It incorporates a unique 3D tactile graph of the channel layout. The real-time signal level helps the user to verify the strength of the signals at all times and join the best network.

With this WiFi application for Windows you can switch between different networks. WiFi Commander for Windows 10 allows you to obtain detailed information of any WiFi access point.

Download WiFi Commander for  mi

WiFi Analyzer Tool

With WiFi Analyzer on PC you can see all the details of the networks around you. It offers a single spectrum graph, which is useful for identifying overlapping networks. The spectrum table feature of WiFi Analyzer helps to select the best channel for the router.

You can go to the time table to find out what time the network speed was slow or fast. The strength meter of the WiFi tool gives you the perfect measure of network power. It also allows you to know the IP information and its security details. 

Download the WiFi Analyzer Tool for  mi

WiFi Tool

This ideal tool to turn your Windows 10 system into a powerful WiFi network analyzer. The modern responsive UX design comes packed with many features to give you more control over the network. The tool’s 2D and 3D visualizations help make the data more informative and descriptive for the user.

The real-time signal monitor provides updates on the strength and speed of the WiFi network signal. You can use traffic statistics to find out more about the networks around you.

Download WiFi Tool for  mi

WiFi Analyzer and Scanner

This helps you find the strongest WiFi signal available at your current location. You can get all the information about the WiFi channels of the networks. The tool keeps an ld log file of the WiFi network to compare past performance. WiFi Analzer and Scanner is recommended for selecting the best channel for a new AP, allowing you to navigate quickly.

WiFi Analyzer and Scanner for Windows will allow you to have more control over the WiFi networks you connect to.

Download WiFi Analyzer and Scanner for  mi


inSSIDer analyzes the wireless networks in your environment and recommends the best one. It allows you to select the most appropriate channel at any time, with a quick and easy check of routine points. You can also use the scanner tool to eliminate interference from neighboring networks.

From selecting the perfect location to place your router to measuring signal strength, this tool can do just about anything. It allows you to check the interference with the Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer, regardless of whether it comes from WiFi or non-WiFi sources. This is a tool with which you can get a complete overview of the surrounding WiFi network.

Download inSSIDer for  metageek.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

It is quite easy to get the visibility of your WiFi networks with Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. The tool is designed to achieve real-time monitoring of the wireless network and guarantee the highest performance of the wireless network.

You can search for WiFi networks and troubleshoot connectivity issues. Locate nearby WiFi devices and detect rogue access points with WiFi Channel Scanner for Windows. Examine the AP settings and direct the WiFi antennas to get the best speed. By being compatible with the latest WiFi standards, it ensures that you get the best performance.

Download Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector for  riverbed.

WiFi Analyzer for Windows

WiFi Analyzer for Windows is another excellent tool for analyzing WiFi networks. This allows you to locate nearby WiFi devices and detect unauthorized access points with the WiFi channel scanner.

In your home, the WiFi network signal may have WiFi blind spots if the AP or router is placed in the wrong place. Avoid this type of inconvenience by inspecting the network with the WiFi channel scanner available for Windows.

Final words

WiFi network analyzers in Windows are not just for professional use. Users with limited technical knowledge can also make use of these tools to check the signal strength of the home WiFi network and get more out of it.

With these WiFi analyzers you can optimize your home network to enjoy faster speed and fewer lags. With the data provided you can examine the configuration of the APs and direct the antennas to obtain the best speed and performance.

Note: I hope the WiFi analyzers have been very helpful for you for more information and help, do not hesitate to write to us

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