Amazon is a platform for the purchase and sale of goods online, it has become the main preference for this class of commercial activities, whose company has become one of the most valued in the market. It offers a wide variety of products in all those countries where it has reach, guarantees an intelligent selection of items that may be of potential interest to its customers.

It is true that it is a website for online purchases very similar to the rest of the competition, but Amazon has been characterized by having a much larger and diversified inventory, in addition to its efficient home delivery services that guarantee a fast and safe delivery to your recipients. Adding more and more amenities and options that offer a better experience when making a sale online.

Since 2000, Amazon has differentiated itself from the rest of the marketplaces due to its innovative internal logistics and its ability to know in detail the tastes and needs of its customers. Generating opportunities even to companies and web pages, so that they can use Amazon as a platform to make their sales in a personalized way through different catalogs.

Official Web site https://www.amazon.com/
Category Online purchases
Creator (s) Jeff bezos
Company Amazon, Inc.
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, United States
Launch July 5, 1994
Platforms Web, Android and iOS
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The dominance of Amazon as an online shopping and retail platform is evident, its great success today is due to a set of specific characteristics that have driven it to success. Efficient strategies, continuous optimization, extensive inventory and a thorough knowledge of its customers are part of the key to Amazon’s success, below you can see in detail which characteristics have allowed this platform to succeed :

  • It is made up of 28 Hewlett Packard servers, with 4 CPUs for each of the nodes.
  • It offers products from both independent retailers and entrepreneurs, as well as major brands and large companies.
  • Amazon, in addition to being an intermediary for other sellers and companies, has numerous products of its own brand.
  • For each product you are looking for or buying, you have access to a detailed description of it, images and comments from other buyers.
  • Allows you to view a wish list, which represents all those searches previously carried out by the user.
  • It offers a wide variety of products of interest to buyers.
  • The Amazon platform is available from virtually any device with internet access.
  • In addition to facilitating the purchase and sale of products on its web platform, it offers storage and home delivery services.
  • Credit or debit cards can be used as payment methods.

How does it work

Amazon viewed with little detail works with a system quite similar to that of any online shopping platform, such as eBay or AliExpress systems, a potential buyer enters their online account, searches for a product of interest, selects it and later make a payment, where the details of the shipment and the payment method are set. At Amazon, there is a greater focus on knowing customer activity through cookies, an extremely useful tool that allows you to personalize the shopping experience.

This platform has a whole series of affiliated clients who make their sales using Amazon as a means, it also offers a percentage of profits for those who achieve sales by publishing company web links, creating new ways of doing business online. In the same way, as long as they are based on the platform of this company, there is the possibility of creating complete websites using products from Amazon’s personalized catalogs.

How to use

In a certain way there are several ways to use and take advantage of the advantages that Amazon offers, the most frequent of which is for a customer to enter your web portal to search for a product and buy it if it seems convenient. For many common users of this kind of media, the process is highly deductive, but for those who access a platform like that the first time, they may need some prior guidance. Next, a series of basic steps are established to make a purchase through Amazon.

  1. Mainly, to make use of the purchase services of this platform, you must directly access the Amazon website or through a link provided by a related portal.
  2. Then it is necessary to enter the account of the corresponding user, in an icon located right next to the Amazon logo, a tab will display several options, among them “Hello, Identify yourself.”
  3. Once this option has been selected, the user must enter their data to access their Amazon account. If they do not have and are new to these services, proceed according to the “Create your Amazon account” text box .
  4. To register on this web portal and create a profile, just enter a name, password and email.
  5. After the above, the account must be verified. To do this, it is necessary to access the inbox of the email used in the registration and use the confirmation code sent by Amazon.
  6. When entering the Amazon profile, there are several ways to find a desired product, searching by categories, by “Best Sellers”, through “Offers”. You can also search directly for a product in the search engine on the page and focus your search using different filters.
  7. Once the search has been carried out, one of the objects in inventory is selected.
  8. Next, different images can be displayed where the product is clearly shown, a detailed description of it and its price.
  9. Besides, you can also see the products that other customers saw, other products related to it, you can ask questions about it if you have them, then you can see comments from users who have previously made the purchase.
  10. Once the customer has decided to make the purchase, the button “See all purchase options” is selected.
  11. The seller’s valuation, the estimated time in which the delivery will be made, the site where the product is currently located is displayed. To proceed with the purchase, click on “Add to cart”.
  12. As soon as all the desired products have been selected to the “Basket”, “Process order” is selected.
  13. You will be able to see a form where you must fill in all the fields, specifying personal data, such as name and surname, address, city, postal code, among others. Completed the entire form, click on “Next”.
  14. Then the shipping data placed is verified, to continue with the payment.
  15. When verifying the shipping data, it remains to add the data corresponding to the customer’s card, and then completely complete the purchase.

Amazon has countless options and benefits to offer, it also offers services to sell products from the same customers, it offers a subscription called Amazon Premium for those who prefer a much faster and more efficient delivery service, these and many more services that can be discovered as that this company is becoming more and more known.


In addition to Amazon, there is an important variety of pages dedicated to the retail market on the Internet, many of these also have millions of visits and countless inventory products, each with certain differences that make them the preferred among their regular customers. Below you can see some of the most frequent options on the internet.


eBay has been present in this kind of market for years, being a great reference for online purchases, noted for its easy use, for verifying and ensuring the reliability of sellers and buyers. Due to its high daily traffic of people, it also offers an abundant variety of all kinds of products at an international level.


Rakuten represents the largest online store in Japan, and is one of the largest in the market along with Amazon and eBay. It also offers a large number of categories, such as fashion, appliances, sports accessories, household utensils, among others. Since Rakuten is in turn a company that offers various platforms, through purchases points are earned which can be used in services such as Rakuten TV.


AliExpress is another Asian giant specialized in the marketplace, it is part of Alibaba, a great acquaintance and even the predominant one in the Chinese market. It offers its services as a mediator between buyers and sellers, making a profit from its role as an intermediary. It also offers a great amalgam of a variety of products for any kind of customer.

Free market

Mercado Libre is the default online market in the Latin American region, it emerged as a direct alternative to services such as eBay and Amazon. It is an essential part of the individual and remote market in different countries where shipments from large marketplace companies are not available. Offering itself as an intermediary between buyers and sellers to serve as insurance against any business.


Overstock is one of the great alternatives for the sale of varied, used and personalized items, with availability of numerous product categories. In addition, its platform facilitates the search for any kind of products thanks to its minimalist interface and its extensive product details.

Advantages and disadvantages of Amazon

Amazon has succeeded in today’s market for individual online commerce through constant innovation and wide variety of products. With a fairly efficient logistics and diversity in its services, it manages to please a large number of customers with different needs. Even so, the internet giant has several pending edges to correct and details to take into account when using this platform. Therefore, it is worth mentioning clearly the advantages and disadvantages offered by using this website.


  • Registration to the basic Amazon service is free.
  • It has an easy-to-use platform, making the online buying and selling experience more bearable.
  • It charges adjusted commissions for those who offer their services through this platform.
  • Through your Premium subscription, you guarantee less waiting time during the sending and receiving of products.
  • It offers a personalized experience by offering the user different items that may be related to previous searches or of interest.
  • Being extremely popular with Internet users, it becomes a common and attractive convergence center for those interested in buying and selling online.
  • You can develop web pages offering products displayed on Amazon and earn a certain percentage for each sale generated in them.


  • For those users with common subscriptions, delivery services can take long periods of time.
  • Amazon services are not available in a large number of countries, as is the case with Latin America.
  • Amazon uses cookies and personal information to modify the inventory of products viewed by customers, which can be considered an intrusion to privacy and a limitation to find more options in the market.

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