Amazon Prime: what is it, how does it work and how much does it cost?

Amazon Prime is a monthly or annual payment service, created and offered by Amazon since 2015. It provides access to a series of exclusive benefits and functions to its subscribers, among which free package delivery can be highlighted. In addition to other features distributed in different sections or categories of the store, such as: Reading, photography or storage, movies and TV series, among others.

The success of this service has been so much that new platforms were added for the enjoyment of the public: Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music. It is worth mentioning that, nowadays it is distributed in the five continents and its number of subscribers is increasing more and more. Which shows the great demand that it has from the public regarding the different online functions, offered by this company.

How does it work

The main function of Amazon Prime is to send packages for free to the customers of the platform. Now, for this to be possible you do not require a minimum purchase amount, on the contrary, as a Premium user you will have the advantage of receiving any item you buy for free. It should be clarified that this condition does not apply to products belonging to the Plus program.

In the same way, when acquiring the Prime membership you have access to different shipping methods, among which are: Express (1 to 4 working days), standard (3 working days), Prime Now (available only in some areas of Madrid and Barcelona) which delivers the product in 2 hours at no cost or, if you prefer, in an hour for € 5.90.

On the other hand, in the cities mentioned above there is the ” Delivery today ” mode , which sends the product the same day at no cost, provided that the purchase of this exceeds 29 euros. It should be clarified that Amazon Prime is not available for public or private companies of a natural, legal or governmental nature, nor for those who are resellers.

How much

The current cost of Amazon Prime is € 3.99 per month or € 36 per year. It is important to mention that new customers have the option of a 30-day free trial. Which you can cancel at any time, once it ends. Now, to subscribe you must go towebsite and complete the corresponding form, it should be clarified that, if you are not registered with Amazon, you must make a prior registration on the platform.

Available services

Amazon Prime is divided into different services: Prime Video, Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Reading, Amazon Photos, Prime Gaming, Amazon Family and Prime Student. Learn more about each one below.

Prime Video

Prime Video is a service that allows you to enjoy exclusive Amazon Originals content, as well as the highest grossing and popular series and movies of the moment. It has a monthly cost of $ 5.99 and has an app compatible with Smartphones (Android oriOS ), Tablets and even some brands or models of Smart TV. It is worth mentioning that it can be used in up to 3 devices at the same time, with different programming.

On the other hand, when using the application you will have the option to download your favorite content to enjoy it on your mobile in offline mode, wherever you are. Prime Video also incorporates a children’s mode with movies, series or TV shows, created especially for children.

Amazon Music Prime

It is an exclusive service for users ofAmazon Prime residents in Spain, it supports 40 hours of monthly playback in its more than 2 million songs hosted on the platform. It also incorporates playlist or preset playlists and access to stations, so that the whole family can enjoy whenever they want. You must bear in mind that the song catalog is constantly changing, adding new content or removing part of the existing one.

Amazon Music Unlimited

In addition to Amazon Music Prime, Premium customers of this site can access Amazon Music Unlimited for € 9.99 / month, in addition to the monthly subscription cost. This service has more than 70 million songs on demand, which you can enjoy unlimitedly, without interruptions, without being connected to the Internet and synchronize it with the Alexa assistant in hands-free mode. Like other services, you will have a 30-day trial that you can pay for at any time.

Prime Reading

If you like reading, subscribe to Prime Reading will give you access to literary content on Amazon. Which you can download to your Fire Tablet, Kindle eReader or, if you prefer, to your Android or iOS device using the corresponding application for it. By registering in this section of the platform, you will be able to enjoy the best eBooks on the web, wherever you are. It is worth mentioning that this service is available only for clients residing in Spain.

Amazon Photos

It is a photo and video storage service with which Prime users can expand the 5GB of space provided by the platform by default. By subscribing you will have an unlimited stock for your images and an additional 5 Gigabytes, only for video files. It is important to mention thatAmazon Photos is for personal use only, you are not allowed to use it for commercial or profit purposes.

Prime Gaming

This platform is specially designed for video game lovers, withPrime Gaming you have exclusive access to the most popular games for video consoles, PCs, Tablets and even Smartphones. It arose from the combination between Amazon and the Streaming platform Twitch, in 2016. It has an additional cost of $ 5.99 per month and provides a 7-day free trial, which you can cancel at any time.

Amazon Family

Amazon Family is a special section, created for the family, that grants a 15% discount on the purchase of diapers for the subscription on Amazon Prime. Although it is not so striking for some users, for those who are preparing for the birth of the new little one, it is an excellent option. Since you can find articles of all kinds with reference to the smallest of the home, from baby food to the equipment for your room.

Prime Student

It brings together all the benefits of the above services, including free shipping on millions of items available in the store, but with the exception of Amazon Family. Now, to be able to access these benefits you must meet a series of requirements, among which we can mention: University education enrollment in Spain, account inAmazon.com, email address provided by the university.

If you do not have this last requirement, there is an Amazon approved way to complete the registration. However, if you fail to verify this information, you will have to reimburse all the benefits received through your account.Prime Student. It should be clarified that you cannot use your university email in more than one profile, within this platform.


Such a comprehensive and complete service, such as Amazon Prime, has notable advantages for any user who uses it. In this particular case, the following could be highlighted:


Although the advantages of Amazon Prime are more notable than the disadvantages, the existence of certain negative points in this service cannot be ignored , such as:

Additional Information

As a complement to everything described in this text, pay attention to the following important aspects that you should evaluate, before becoming an Amazon Prime user:

Now, after everything explained in this text, it is clear that Amazon Prime is an excellent option if you are a frequent user of Internet purchases. However, the negative aspects or disadvantages that it has cannot be ignored. However, compared to the advantages, they represent only a small percentage in an immense world of possibilities.


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