AirBNB is a search platform for accommodation, which allows you to group a wide variety of accommodation options to find the one that best suits your personal needs. This app is characterized by providing a large number of alternatives at excellent prices and with incredible quality.

Official Web site https://www.airbnb.com/
Category Accommodation reservations
Developer Airbnb, Inc.
Creators Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, Nathan Blecharczyk
Launch August 2008
Platforms Web, Android, iOS
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On the other hand, this website allows you to group all types of accommodation options, regardless of whether or not they were hotel industries. Thus, everyone can offer rooms so that users can verify these options and stay in them.

What is it for?

This web portal is responsible for finding attractive and cheap rental options, finding accommodations for tourists and connecting with the best hosts of a particular site. In addition, it allows you to verify the reputation of a place, by validating all kinds of qualifications granted by previous guests.

How does it work?

AirBNB works as an intermediary between two people who want to offer / request the rental of a property. Either a room or a house in its entirety. Thus, it would provide security and allow users to verify all kinds of information about a host or guest.

Only, it is required to register on the website by placing your personal data and registration user. After that, you simply confirm your registration request and you will be able to access the AirBNB system with a multitude of rental features.

To make a reservation, you will have to pay the required amount and wait for the host to accept your reservation request. In some cases, the option of “instant reservation” will be granted to avoid lengthening the waiting time.

At the moment, this web portal focuses only on accommodation for tourists or people who want to spend a certain time in a place. Thus, you can make your reservations without any difficulty and avoiding all kinds of complications.

In addition, you can customize the option to search for a stay, with different styles of reservations for a home in its entirety or a room. Also, you have the possibility of verifying the request for services that the hosting site must have, such as kitchen and WIFI.


AirBNB has been characterized as the default website for hosting personalized rooms or homes. In this way, you will be able to count on extremely accessible prices and with all kinds of variety of options to enjoy the best stay when making all kinds of trips.


  • Search simplicity: The search bar is highly autonomous and practical. In addition, you will have the benefit of being able to customize your search option so that it adapts to all your needs.
  • Complete security: With AirBNB, you can check the reputation of a client or host to see if it really is someone who provides security. In this way, you will be able to verify comments from other people who made agreements with said user to see if they really are someone you trust.
  • Complete information on the accommodation site: When you want to verify a room or home, you will usually have all kinds of images about it. In addition, you will have detailed information about all kinds of services that this place has.
  • Price ranges: One of the peculiarities of AirBNB is that it offers a price bar so that users can check those options that best suit their budget. Thus, you can modify this option to filter all kinds of alternatives that may not be of your comfort.
  • Neighborhood guide: If you do not know a place, your host can make all kinds of recommendations about places you can visit around the place of lodging. In this way, you would have the best options for restaurants, malls and cafes in the entire area.
  • Wide variety of alternatives: The main advantage of this page is that it groups together a wide variety of accommodation options so that customers can choose the one that best suits their needs. This will reduce expenses and times when wanting to make special reservations.
  • Search App: AirBNB has its own app for people to search for accommodation quickly and easily. In this way, just by entering this application, you will be able to verify the accommodation alternatives of a certain site.


  • Disadvantages with the host: Unlike other alternatives, AirBNB depends on the quality of service offered by the host. Thus, there may be problems with it, such as late arrivals or inconveniences with the rented room.
  • Without check-out service: You will not be able to have a special service to store your bags or to have a pleasant welcome. Thus, it is likely that you will have to handle all your suitcases and luggage yourself.
  • With less professional treatment: Unlike hotels, AirBNB, would not have professional staff that is in charge of dealing with all kinds of requirements. In this way, you will have to depend on your host at all times.


AirBNB is the default app, to search for accommodation or to offer your service as a host. Even so, there is another variety of similar alternatives that may also be useful when wanting to offer or contract this type of services.

One of the main alternatives to AirBNB could be mentioned Booking, the main competitor of this app. This website is characterized by allowing reservations in hotels, lodges and hostels, being an option dedicated to hotel service. Even so, you can also make reservations for rooms or vacation homes.

HomeAway has also managed to generate great relevance as a lodging intermediary platform, granting a great variety of vacation accommodations. Its main advantage is that it is responsible for providing a high quality of service to its customers, avoiding alternatives that denote a lack of excellence.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to mention the services of Homestay, a web portal that is responsible for offering family accommodations with great quality and at excellent prices. In this way, users would have complete assurance that hosting sites provide high standards of excellence.


AirBNB was founded in November 2008, as an alternative to all types of hosting platform that provided rigorous inexpensive options and that did not allow users to personalize their search. This platform was founded by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk.

The main idea of ​​its creators was to develop a low-cost and extremely comfortable alternative. This would help to favor those people who wish to travel, but with the need to cut all kinds of expenses.

At the beginning, AirBNB, only was in charge of grouping a great variety of hosting sites. Still, its creators noted that for the web portal to be successful, they had to offer a wide variety of standards of excellence and security. For this reason, they decided to make some changes to the platform adopting scoring measures for clients / hosts in order to favor the experience of their users.

The meaning of the name of this platform is given to the expression in English “airbed and breakfast”, which would have a definition of “air hotel”. In this way, AirBNB would stand out in the comfort of highly viable alternatives to stay.

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