9 Christmas stories to tell your children this Christmas

Children are the ones who most celebrate the arrival of Christmas, and both parents and grandparents enjoy sharing with them during these dates. Therefore, one of the most common customs is to tell Christmas stories while the children are sitting on the floor around the person who reads them. Many of these stories have morals and lessons for children to appreciate the meaning of Christmas.

In view of this, in this article you will find 9 Christmas stories for children that you can read during family gatherings. You can even share it with friends and close people to reinforce the entertainment of the little ones and that they enjoy pleasant moments with family or loved ones.

The stray dog

Once upon a time, there was a little dog on the street that looked very sad. He was abandoned for being ugly, because no child had wanted to adopt him. The little dog looks for his food in the garbage with great fear because some children, out of cruelty, threw stones at him to scare him. One day, the little dog saw 3 gentlemen who were wearing bright and cute costumes. They seemed like they had a lot of food and since they also looked like good people, the little dog followed them on their way.

They crossed mountains, deserts, rivers and forests. Wearily, the little dog wondered when they would get home, and he thought that the lords were lost, because they were only following a star that they saw in the sky. During the night they arrived at a very humble house. The little dog realized that the star they were following was above that home. Inside was a beautiful lady and a tall man with a bushy beard.

He moved closer to take a closer look and noticed that there was a small crib with a newborn baby who would not stop crying. The 3 gentlemen approached to give him gifts, but the boy kept crying. The little dog approached the boy little by little and put his snout on top of him. The baby stared into the puppy’s eyes and stopped crying. He started laughing out loud and playing with his muzzle! “That puppy is noble. Let’s leave it ”, said Maria, that beautiful lady. Since then, the little dog has known what is the warmth of a home and the appreciation of the family: his best Christmas gift.

Jaime’s lesson

Jaime was a very capricious child. For several weeks he kept asking for toys and big gifts because he knew that Christmas Eve was coming. Their parents were trying to explain to them that Santa’s sleigh couldn’t have that much weight and that the other children deserved to have gifts too.

Christmas has arrived and the whole family has come together to celebrate it. Days before, Jaime’s parents wrote to Santa and asked him to bring all the gifts he asked for, so he would be very busy opening the gifts, so his friends and cousins ​​would not play with him. And so it happened! Jaime spent the whole morning opening the presents while his family celebrated, danced, played and had fun without him. When he wanted to start playing with the other children, they just ignored him.

Since then, Jaime understood that it is useless to have many toys if you do not have someone to play with. That the most beautiful moments of Christmas are enjoyed as a family and giving strong hugs to those we love the most. Toys will cheer him up for a while, but his family will always be there for him.

The Christmas tree

Once upon a time there was a very humble family who lived in a small town far from the city. When Christmas approached, they did not have much money to buy food, gifts and decorations. One of the children in the family said he wanted to eat a baked turkey and have some lights for his Christmas tree.

In view of this, one day, the father of the family was thinking about how to earn money to fulfill that Christmas wish. An idea occurred to him and he quickly went to grab his ax to start chopping pine trees in the forest, as he would start selling them as Christmas trees. With the money from the sale of those pines, he will be able to buy the turkey and the decoration lights.

The next morning, the man went to the forest, cut 4 pine trees and took them to the village to start the sale. With one day to go before Christmas, they still hadn’t bought him the first pine tree. He felt very sad, but in the end, he decided that since he had not been able to sell the pines, he would give them to the poorest families in town. People were very appreciative of the gift and gave him big hugs.

On Christmas night, when he returns home, the man finds two surprises on his table: It was the turkey and next to it a small tree decorated with the brightest lights he had ever seen! His wife told him that someone very kind had left him a note: “Thank you for giving us happiness with Christmas trees. I hope you are also very happy with this little present ”. The family began to celebrate very happily and they cooked the turkey to have one of their best Christmas dinners.

Santa’s compass

The story begins on December 24 at 8:00 pm at the North Pole. The elves wrapped the gifts and placed them inside the sleigh. Santa Claus verified that all the gifts were there and called his 6 reindeer and Rodolfo, the special reindeer with the red nose. He got on the sled and exclaimed: Take flight! Tonight we will bring illusion and gifts to all the houses of the world! And so they began the journey.

When making one of his first stops, Santa Claus realized that his compass was damaged. “Can not be! It was the only compass I had. Now how will we know the way? ” Rodolfo listened to Santa Claus and replied: “There is no problem! We will arrive safely at all destinations. With my red nose we can see in the dark ”. Rodolfo had always wanted to be a sled guide and, despite difficulties and fear, he directed the journey to perfection.

When he finished delivering the gifts, Santa Claus told Rodolfo to guide them back home. They arrived very quickly and, at the door of the Wizarding World, the elves made Santa Claus a present: A new compass! Santa Claus received her with a big smile on his face and replied: “Ho ho ho! Thank you very much for this gift, but I already have a better compass… Rodolfo! Come here”. The elves applauded Rodolfo and he came over to hug Santa Claus. Since then, their friendship has been inseparable.

Santa’s best gift

Once upon a time there was a boy named Pablo who lived happily because every year Santa Claus gave him the best gifts. However, his neighbor, José, did not have the same happiness on his face. One day Pablo asked José what toys Santa had brought him for Christmas. José was silent and Pablo knew the answer.

How is it possible that Santa did not leave him any gifts? Since then Pablo waited the following year to talk with Santa and ask him if he did not have enough gifts for all the children. When Christmas came again, Pablo waited for Santa right by his fireplace. He heard the reindeer hooves landing on the roof and Santa falling into the rubble of ash and dust.

When Santa saw Pablo, he was surprised, and the boy seriously asked him: “Santa, don’t you have enough gifts on your sleigh for all the children? My neighbor, José, did not receive gifts and that is why he is not as happy as I am ”. Amazed, Santa Claus saw Pablo and exclaimed: “You are a very good and sweet boy, that is why you are one of the first children I visit. As you will see, my coat is magical and, despite the fact that I visit each child, I cannot leave toys for them. In their homes there is a lot of sadness, and my toys are not enough to change that ”.

Pablo listened attentively to Santa’s explanations, to which he continues to add: “I bring some of the best gifts I can give to those homes: love, illusion, joy and hope. They are gifts that cannot be seen, but can be felt if they receive the magic of Christmas ”. Listening to those words, Paul understood perfectly what he had to do. He shook Santa’s hand to say goodbye and say, “Okay, Santa. I will share my toys with José and also the spirit of Christmas with my friendship and joy ”. Santa drew a small smile for Pablo and vanished.

Chestnuts in distress

Every winter, Mrs. Rabbit set up her chestnut stand at a crossroads in the village called Animaland. His arrival announced that in a few days Christmas would arrive. All the children liked to be near their work station so that they could feel the heat of the oven and see how the chestnuts were cooked without ever burning. At 5 in the afternoon, Mr. Fox appeared with the napkins that Mrs. Rabbit used to wrap her chestnuts.

However, one Sunday it started to rain. The rain started with a few drops and then gained a lot of intensity. Some brave men came with their umbrellas to look for their chestnuts. However, the puddles were getting bigger and afterwards, you couldn’t cross the street.

The rain was so strong that it destroyed Mrs. Rabbit’s booth. She worriedly began to scream for help. From heaven she was heard by Mr. Bird, who felt compassion for her and was quick to help her. He got off the flight and asked his family for help so that they would not lose sight of the basket of chestnuts. Likewise, Mr. Fish also helped him, because when he knew the river very well, he knew the exact location.

Since chestnuts were a very pretty symbol announcing Christmas, several Animaland animals helped reposition Mrs. Rabbit’s booth. She was very touched and thanked everyone. From there he understood the importance of solidarity and empathy.

The miracle of Christmas

It all started when a teacher decides to assign a task to her students during the arrival of Christmas. When class ended, the teacher exclaimed: “It’s time to share! So let’s bring joy to all the children we can. ” This is how the students were encouraged to comply with the teacher’s tare and went out to buy some gifts, which they wrapped and placed in a sack.

On Christmas Eve, the students decided that they would go to the nearest hospital to deliver the gifts because there were many children there who would want one. They dressed up as Santa Claus and little elves so that they could happily enter the hospital. They had calculated a dozen children, but in reality there were many, many more.

The students did not know what to do. They didn’t have enough toys for all the children, but they weren’t going to leave without fulfilling the teacher’s assignment. Therefore, they began to distribute the toys to the younger children, and if they would explain what happened to the older children. But the surprise was that the gifts never ran out. Every time they went through the sack, there was one more gift. All the children received their toy. The students were astonished, and since they could not find a logic for this event, they claimed that it was a Christmas miracle.

Little chaos at Christmas

The North Pole was in serious trouble. A week earlier for Christmas night, the letters kept coming but the gifts weren’t quite ready yet. Mrs. Claus, the wife of Santa Claus, lived on the brink of anguish. She had to distribute the letter to the goblins, elves, fairies, dwarves and gnomes so that they would search for the requested gift within the magical warehouses. Then, these should be inside Santa’s sack so that he will begin to distribute them around the world.

Santa’s magical place was sold out. Everyone was working hard without resting. Each year was more demanding than the previous one and everyone began to believe that the children no longer knew how to imagine because of the amount of gifts they asked for. Santa Claus, seeing this scenario, decided to call everyone who made the toys and made them look at the sky. On it he projected the faces of all the children in the world.

The goblins, dwarves, gnomes, fairies and elves looked at the sky with great joy and listened carefully to the laughter of each of the children. Almost instantly they regained their strength and began to work again. They remembered why they were working so hard. The illusion of children is the true magic, it is what keeps the fantastic world of the North Pole alive. They noticed that it is the small details that make the difference and give way to illusion. That is the true Christmas spirit! When children stop dreaming and imagining, the magic will disappear.

Only that

Sebastián was crying very hard and began to scream when he realized that one of the gifts he had asked Santa Claus was missing. “I want my truck!” Is the only thing that was heard amid all the crying. “Sebastian, Santa Claus has to distribute other toys. Look at everything you have! You should be happy for everything he has brought you, ”his parents told him, trying to calm him down, however, it didn’t work.

That same night Sebastián left without dinner and at midnight he was awakened by a noise he heard from the ceiling. He was astonished when he saw that it was Santa Claus. “Hi Sebastian. Is your tantrum over? ”Exclaimed that grandfather with the white beard and the red suit. Sebastián did not know what to say to him, he had remained silent.

However, the boy gathered strength to comment: “Did you come to bring me the truck that I was missing?” Santa Claus began to see him over the glasses he was carrying and replied: “Let’s see, young man, I came to make a proposal: Do you want to go with me to distribute the gifts that I am missing? I could use your help very well ”. Sebastian looked at him surprised but with great emotion he agreed to go with him. From the sleigh he detailed all the lights of the city, and with a shout from Santa Claus, the reindeer began to descend on a humble and simple house.

“We’re going to leave Margarita her gift,” Santa Claus whispered to Sebastián. The two of them entered the house and left a beautiful doll on top of some worn shoes. “Will you just leave that to him?” Sebastian asked. “Just that,” said Santa Claus. “When she wakes up and sees the doll, she will be the happiest girl in the world.” They were handing out simple toys all night, and Sebastian didn’t ask anything more since he heard that last sentence. He woke up suddenly and saw that his mother was in the room, to which he asked her: “Has Santa Claus gone?” “Yes, of course, after I left you the presents yesterday.” Sebastian looked at his gifts for a while and ran to hug his mother. He closed his eyes and smiled. He learned that, with little, you can also be happy.

As you can see, you have 9 Christmas stories that will help you in case you want to read them a Christmas lesson before going to sleep or after opening Christmas Eve gifts. All the stories have little morals that you can discuss with the child to develop values ​​such as empathy, solidarity, teamwork and understanding.

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