Where is ActiveX installed on a PC? – Here we show you

To find out where ActiveX is installed, you first have to clarify a couple of things. Questions like what is it? And what is it for? Are vital when it comes to understanding and using these aspects of your computer.

After all, to talk about ActiveX is to enter the world of developers and not everyone knows their language. With this in mind, it’s time to talk about it.

What is ActiveX?

Originally it referred to a set of applications developed by Microsoft in order to allow or improve the good performance of web pages. Thanks to them it was possible to reproduce images and animations of excellent quality, just as if it were local.

With the passage of time ActiveX is understood to be a type of programming language (such as Java, for example) that is no longer limited to Microsoft. That is, it has support for other operating systems such as Linux or Macintosh, where you can also download and install them. 

Despite being in 2 presentations, for clients and for servers, its use has been gradually discontinued. If you wanted to know where ActiveX is installed, the first thing you should know is that it was originally intended for Internet Explorer. Now, the new Edge does not contemplate it and its future is increasingly uncertain.

In addition, the management of permissions generated a large reserve since, thanks to its updates, external control of the equipment could be granted. In other words, it allowed the development of programs that could alter fundamental aspects of the PC and be used maliciously.


Currently, it is still possible to find it on many web pages and all Internet Explorer users should take it into account. In this regard, it is vital to be aware of the permissions that are granted to web updates.

Where is ActiveX installed?

ActiveX is configured by default in Windows, so changing its download location implies altering the registry. To find out where ActiveX is installed it is necessary to locate the folder on the system. To do this, you just have to follow the following steps.

First, you must locate “My Computer” or “Computer” if you have the most updated version of Windows. Once there, go to the disk where you have the operating system installed, usually disk “C”.

Now you must find the folder called “Windows” which you must also access. In this folder corresponds find another whose name is “Downloaded Program Files” or “Downloaded Program Files” in English. Once you are inside said folder, it only remains to locate the one called “ActiveX”

Change download options

If what you want is to change the location where ActiveX or its applications are installed strictly speaking, it is necessary to go to the registry as already mentioned.

In this sense, always keep in mind that modifying the registry can have serious consequences for the operation of your computer. So much so, that even the Microsoft team advises against modifying it for Windows and does not provide technical support to those who do it.


That said, what you should do is open the command execution window. To do this, look for “Run” in the Windows search engine and type the command “regedit.exe”, before clicking “OK”

Once there, it is time to locate the keyword “ActiveXCache” in the registry editor to modify it and change its location. To do this, at the end of the name of the long file name, you must alter the last part and place the new location that you want to assign.

ActiveX on other platforms

Although ActiveX in the first instance is for Internet Explorer, you can find different extensions that allow it to be emulated in the browser you have installed.

This will make it easier to view certain web pages, as well as to use some programs without having to change browsers. However, the specific plugin must already be found in the respective ActiveX library.

One of the biggest uses that the owners give to ActiveX in Microsoft Excel, where the program allows you, for example, to configure the text control , insert controls in a spreadsheet or create image catalogs in Excel.

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