What to do if my acceptance rate and trips completed in DIDI drop due to a system error?

The acceptance rate and completed trips in DIDI – System errors

The problem is the following, as you surely know, the acceptance rate is very relevant when working with Didi. In fact, it is essential that you know what the acceptance rate in didi is if you plan to dedicate yourself completely to working with this company.

In short, declining many trips can affect the acceptance rate, which in other words causes problems with the functioning of the bonuses and guaranteed earnings . Certainly, these gains are a fundamental aspect and nobody wants to lose them.

didi app system error acceptance rate

Having a low acceptance rate means you could miss trips in the future. Therefore, we conclude that it is essential to manage an acceptance rate as high as possible.

Now, there is a drawback that many users have been complaining about and which we will talk about below. We are referring to system errors that affect the acceptance rate.

Errors in Didi that affect the acceptance rate

In recent months there are already very many users who complain of problems with the system and the acceptance rate. The drawback arises when applications are rejected, which fall into the category of “Rejection Allowed”.

As you know, when the message “Denied allowed” appears, you should have the possibility to reject such trips. Clearly, it is not recommended to refuse many trips in a row, as this will inevitably have problems with the platform.

Even so, many times declining a trip with the message “Denied Allowed” usually affects the acceptance rate and this should not be the case. In fact, in more extreme cases some accepted trips may appear as rejected, being something even worse than what was shown before.

low acceptance rate didi system error

The aforementioned is very unpleasant, but it is possibly due to a programming flaw in the platform. Didi is aware of the problem, but by the time you read this there may not be a perfect solution. Given this, we advise you to take certain measures that can help you in the future.

How to solve this problem with the acceptance rate

Didi can be very reluctant about these sorts of issues, so if you contact them, you may be asked for proof of the problem. In other words, the platform may require you to have a capture of the request showing the message “Rejection allowed”. Clearly this is not a very common thing, as most people simply do not capture this message.

In any case, seeing that the problem, although it is not too common, it can occur, so it is best that from now on you try to take screenshots as much as possible . Clearly you should not do it for all the trips you accept, only save the captures for those trips you want to reject.

As we pointed out before, it is not the ideal solution, but even if your acceptance rate has been affected, in the future you can free yourself from this problem. Therefore, make captures constantly, lest an error arise that may affect you, at least do this until the problem has been completely solved by Didi.

Finally, if for some reason you no longer want to receive trips, there is also the possibility to activate or deactivate the trip requests in DiDi Conductor , but this would already be a last resort.

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