What is the Vulkan Run Time Libraries component on my PC for? It is necessary?

Nowadays, the amount of API (Application Programming Interface) for developing games in three dimensions is varied, among them we find OpenGL or DirectX that are the most used at the moment when programming or creating an application with 3D graphics, however New innovations have come to this world, among them we find one of the most recent and efficient, Vulkan, whose main characteristic is the performance and the correct use of the cores of our processor in our device so that it is light and efficient at the time of use. a program or application.

What is the Vulkan RT program and what do I need it for on my computer?

An API or application programming interface is a system in which it is used for the processing of libraries in a set of functions and processes that are integrated into a software acting as a bridge or as a link between two applications.

It could be defined as a kind of module that ends up communicating or interacting with other applications to fulfill a set of functions that require said software, this may vary depending on the specific use that is going to be assigned to said application.

Vulkan is one of these APIs that come to innovate in terms of performance, it is spoken because it has certain characteristics that distinguish it from other APIs, it is simple, simple and could even be defined as minimalist.

However, there are certain requirements so that this API can work correctly on our device and for that there is Vulkan Run Time Libraries, this is an application or program that works as an improvement bridge for applications that have been created in Vulkan, in this way it allows that said program or game can be run.

vulkan run time libraries program

It is quite comparable with the updated versions of DirectX since it fulfills the same function with the difference that it is installed for virtual supports of a computer that works with JAVA which serves as a source to allow the use of applications written in such programming language. .

Although, only that DirectX through the years has been releasing a large number of versions that have not varied much in terms of functionality or performance for said games or applications that request said programming language.

What can I use it for on my computer?

As we said before. Vulkan is a new and innovative technology, applied especially in all kinds of video games whose main objective is to present much more realistic characteristics of the hand with a very good resolution.

If you consider yourself a fervent PC gamer, having Vulkan RT on your computer is more than a good idea when you want to play your favorite video games. Also, if they have a great rendering or powerful graphics illustration, it is much more likely that Vulkan RT will be of great help when running this game.

So, as we have been telling you, we recommend that you leave this interesting add-on on your computer in case you want to play a title that exploits 100% all the requirements of your PC. If not, then we explain how to delete Vulkan Run Time Libraries from your computer.

vulkan RT computer

Can I delete or uninstall Vulkan Run Time Libraries?

It is important to bear in mind that if we do not have any kind of inclination to PC video games and we use our computer only for what is necessary, be it work or carry out some type of research, we will not have any problem deleting Vulkan Run Time Libraries.

In order to proceed with the uninstallation of Vulkan RT we will only have to go to the Control Panel section and then in this look for the Programs section, on which we will click. Once there, we will look for the Vulkan Run Time Libraries program, we will right click on it, we will proceed to press the Uninstall button and that’s it, we will end this procedure successfully.

How to reinstall the Vulkan Run Time Libraries program on my PC

It is possible that for some reason or another we delete the Vulkan Run Time Libraries program by mistake. If this is the case, it is possible that we begin to notice the occasional flaw in the video games that we have on our computer. But don’t worry, this innovative add-on can be reinstalled on your computer.

In order to reinstall Vulkan Run Time Libraries on the computer, we will only have to download the respective drivers of the video card that our computer or laptop has again, you can do this from the official website of the same. In the same way, you can also look for the original Vulkan drivers as such, these can be obtained from the official NVIDIA web portal.

What makes Vulkan Run Time Libraries different from other applications?

  • Vulkan has something quite striking and that is that it reduces the overhead that an application requires by correctly and efficiently distributing the work required to run a program.
  • handles very well with the GPU and at the same time requires less CPU usage improving the use of these applications that require the use of Vulkan, as well as the most practical way to achieve simple and fast executions within an application without overloading the processor .
  • It is similar to OpenGL in the fact that it is not anchored to a single operating system, coming to be in Windows 7, Windows 8 and all existing versions of Windows 10 ; even less complex systems like Tizen, Android and Linux.
  • In this way, the arrival of many applications that require said API innovates and extends the market by engulfing many devices and program developers specialized in said operating systems, varying with the passing of the years and the arrival of new updates.
  • It reduces the CPU overhead due to the fact that this API separates the information packets into batches in this way it manages to distribute the information processing of large processes in reduced parts that are arriving one after another, that is, the weight of said process is shared to ensure that the application manages to digest the information in a faster and more efficient way, avoiding the CPU from clogging or overloading.

computer program

Vulkan has come to the market as a fresh air for application and video game developers, being currently the most used when it comes to programming leaving behind OpenGL or DirectX, many of the graphics card updates or game and device updates have Vulkan as a promising API that in a few years will have the entire market conquered due to its growing use and improvement through versions and editions that point to more current games or applications that stand out in the current market.

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