What is it and what types of computer worms exist and how to avoid them?

The computer worm is one of the most recurrent threats that smartphones, tablets and computers face and is a nightmare for many users. If you still don’t know what this deadly threat to your device consists of; This post will inform you about how to prevent computer attacks and explain what it is and what types of computer worms exist and how to avoid them?  

What is it and what are the computer worms that exist?

Computer worm: it is a malicious software that uses the network to spread and contaminate those computers that have security holes in their systems; and it is that the worms are programmed to attack the BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) of a computer.

For that reason, it is important that we protect our computer with a powerful antivirus, and for that you must use Windows Defender Offline on your Windows 10. This will help you eliminate the types of computer worms that may try to host on your computer.

Unlike viruses, the computer worm can duplicate itself without the intervention of users. Furthermore, it is responsible for spreading or sending itself to other terminals using the network; for example, it uses e-mail, links, instant messages, P2P sharing networks or network packets to enter the computer’s memory and infect it.

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The computer worm uses files with attractive topics that capture people’s attention, among the most popular topics are famous topics, pirated software, health, offers, sex and fake news; that is, the worm disguises itself as attractive files to deceive its victims.

The first worm appeared in 1988 and contaminated most of the servers of that time; this worm was identified as “morris worm”.

Since that first attack, security companies have created defenses to avoid being victims of computer attacks; However, in 2004 two worms appeared that were lethal for many companies, these are the Sasser and Netsky worm, both created by a 17-year-old young man.

It is difficult to detect computer worms because they do not act like other viruses that damage files inside the PC; the computer worm acts without being noticed, which is why its way of operating is so lethal.

Something that can tell you that your computer or device is infected by worms is that your computer consumes more bandwidth than normal, which generates a slow internet connection.

Types of computer worms

  • Internet worm : these are those worms that attack web pages whose security is inefficient, then once said page is infected, it spreads to users’ computers.
  • Email Worms : this type of worm is the most common on the internet and is responsible for sending infected files by email.
  • Instant Messaging Worms : they are responsible for sending contaminated files by message that infect the device when opened; you can be victims of them on WhatsApp, Messenger or other messaging application.
  • File Sharing Worms : This type of worm spreads through multimedia files that are passed from one user to another.

How to avoid their attacks?

  • Install antivirus and antimalware on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone) , which you must constantly update. Some antimalware are Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Haspersky Internet Security for Android.
  • Perform manual cleaning with your antivirus to make sure that no virus has crept in.
  • You can update the Windows Update agent frequently, to protect your operating system and avoid vulnerability.
  • Use reliable browsers and update them frequently.
  • Click on trustworthy websites, as there are many pirated or disreputable sites on the internet.
  • Avoid downloading movies, applications, videos, software on sites with little reputation because these are a bridge for computer attacks.
  • Keep the Firewall of your operating system active.
  • Use third-party applications such as Java, Adobe Reader, Flash or others.
  • If you get a message from a friend with a suspicious file, contact them and ask if they sent the file.
  • Use your email with caution and never open emails from unknown people, or click on suspicious links or messages; since the main channel that worms use to spread is email.
  • Use common sense when browsing the internet ; and stay updated on the new computer worms that you can find on the internet.

computer worm virus

Do not take security risks and avoid being a victim of computer worms, so before downloading anything, check that it does not contain viruses.

Follow the recommendations in this article and take care of your electronic devices from all types of computer attacks. Remember that it is important to know if a file is safe and does not have a virus before downloading it.

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