What is and how does the rate for completed trips in DIDI work? – Here the answer

For DIDI drivers it is important to monitor their acceptance and cancellation rate , which measures their level of commitment. This tool applied by the company reflects the percentage of trips or services accepted or canceled by each driver. If this percentage is less than 75%, they could receive a cancellation of their account for one or more days.

Many drivers who provide their services for DIDI are concerned about how these measurement fees may affect their monthly income. For this reason, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with these in order to know what they are and how to handle them.

What are the measurement rates for conductive DIDIs?

We already mentioned a bit about the acceptance and cancellation rate and how it influences the driver’s activity. It is recommended that each service provider monitor this rate to ensure that they can continue to receive DIDI users. But another measurement rate to take into account is that of completed trips, what is it? and how it works?

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This rate of completed trips allows the company to measure the performance of the driver in the different services. It also allows the driver to have an idea of ​​how much his daily and weekly income can be . For this reason, it is important for the Didi driver to know how to handle this rate of completed trips.

Every time a user requests a service, the driver who accepts said service is expected to terminate it. Each delivery or service carried out for users adds up to the daily and weekly average of each DIDI driver. But the services that for some reason not allowed, are canceled by the driver subtract from said average.

If a driver receives the request for 10 services and decides to reject 3, he would have an average of 70% on that day. This is precisely what the rate of completed trips allows both the company and the driver to do. The result of the daily average is added to obtain the weekly average for each employee, in all services.

This result will have a positive or negative influence on the weekly income of those who provide the different services in DIDI. If the average is low due to many service cancellations, your guaranteed win bonus could be affected .

How can I cancel services without affecting my rate?

As we already mentioned, every time a driver cancels a service, his rate of completed trips is affected. Of course, there are situations in which the DIDI company allows the driver to cancel the service request. For example, if the service request is for a dangerous place, accepted by the Application, the driver can cancel it.

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If the user does not appear after 3 minutes when arriving at the place to provide the service, you can cancel. Also, drivers, while providing a service, have the option of not receiving another request until it is finished .

It is really important for drivers of the different services of the DIDI platform to know how this rate is handled. Because not only can it affect your income, a low average can lead to the suspension of your accounts.

If you have any questions about how to handle a certain situation, it is good to request the help of the company through the same Application. The DIDI transport platform is a good job option for drivers who wish to provide their services.

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