What are the applications to detect autism in children? – Autism test

Technological advances have allowed us to find applicable tools today, many times favoring our lifestyle. Here, we will talk about Autism and how these technological tools can help us to efficiently treat this condition.

In recent years , the rate of autism has increased by between 1 and 2 per 1000 people globally. This, due to deficiencies in combating the risk factors for said disease and in errors.

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This disorder is characterized by a persistent disability in social interaction, communication, and repetitive patterns of behavior.

Although it usually appears in the early stages of life, it is important to know that this condition has no cure. However, thanks to new technologies, an early diagnosis and adequate treatment can improve the quality of life.

Among these technological advances we find applications that offer educational support, free of charge and easy access for all people. They also provide us with medical information for early detection so that we can obtain the correct treatments to improve symptoms.

What are the applications to detect autism in children?

These new technologies, which make it possible to improve the social environment of people with autism, can also be known as “assistant technology”. Here, you can find a great variety of them for free, easy and adaptable for your cell phone, computer or Tablet.


This App allows you to translate the voice message to texts and from there to pictograms / images automatically. It will help you to obtain a quick and orderly representation through images, of the phrases spoken by the child.

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This innovative app allows the child with ASD to become familiar with hospital spaces, procedures and medical personnel. By visiting this interesting application, the child will be able to find content equal to that found in his visits to a medical center.


Through the use of the webcam, we can focus on the different emotions such as joys, sadness or anger. This application allows us to choose the emotion and explain to the child the appropriate easy expression and for what moment to use it. By working on it, we can automatically identify whether children’s facial expressions are appropriate or not.

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It is an entertaining application created to allow us to capture the child’s attention through visual and auditory stimuli. It also improves the assimilation of the cause-effect relationship, promoting social interaction and increasing the child’s motivation.


Entered children with communication and language difficulties, with a wide variety of graphic materials and practical exercises. That allow your little one or adult to stimulate the mind.


This wonderful app shows us a variety of content, applicable on systems with Android or iOS, Windows among others. Aimed at all people who are in relation to children with ASD, specially adapted to their needs.

What are the benefits of using apps that detect autism in children?

The constant increase in educational technologies allows us to have a wide range of tools that facilitate a better understanding. Thanks to this, educational personnel, doctors and family members can plan different activities to deal with children with ASD.

It is important to note that these applications promote the development of social skills and better communication with others. It also allows the child with ASD to mark routines and identify everyday situations in an easy and much more comfortable way.

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They promote learning by being very easy to use both for children and adults affected, as well as for their representatives. They are adaptable to the child’s personality, having content editing options for the development of activities. It can even be combined with other educational tools or games for children.

On the other hand, they have facilitated those services of specialties and medical tests that can be very frequented by these children. For example, medical sites to obtain blood tests, dental centers, among others.

Its constant use allows the child to become familiar with health centers that may be difficult for them to accept. Also, like all of us who use applications even for telecommuting, these people need tools that help them be more productive .

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