How to write or write a termination letter in Word | Dismissal letter template

But how to write a dismissal letter, what special conditions do they have that do not allow me to make a single model and that’s it. This has a lot to do with the fact that there are different types of layoffs and they also have different causes. We can name, for example, for a low performance of the employee, for accumulation of absences.

For the sudden bankruptcy of the company, in short, there are many reasons and therefore many dismissal letters. In this article we are going to be able to make a dismissal letter, although you can download a template , which contains a very formal aspect and explained step by step so that you can learn very well how to write or write a dismissal letter in Word.

How to make or write a termination letter in Word

If it is to our liking, we can download Models of dismissal letter, but we believe that it is very convenient to learn to make this type of letters from scratch. To get started, let’s open a new document in Word 2016. Having done this, let’s first go to the top menu and make a clip in the Format tab.

write dismissal letter

This is so that our document has the parameters desired by us and we begin the configuration of the margins , orientation of the sheet, preferably vertical, etc. We must remember that everything stated here should not be taken with rigidity and any aspect of the letter may vary.

To continue, we can go on to place a title, where the reason for the dismissal letter is expressed , we place the one we like best. As for example, end of contract, dismissal, etc. We can do it with a font size and style that stands out. And we can place it in the center or to the right of our sheet.

We can also activate a function to insert the time and date in our document and it will update automatically. We now proceed to make all the content of our document, for this, we can also help ourselves by searching for dismissal letters online and it can help us to form the body of the text.

Content of the dismissal letter

After placing the date and the reason for the letter, we move on to the next point, which would be to whom the dismissal letter is addressed . We are going to put the name of the person, but with some respect such as Dear Mr. Tal. Then we go on to describe the reasons why the letter is being sent to you.

The reasons for the dismissal must be clearly and concisely stated. Try to use words that briefly describe the reasons why the human resources department made this painful decision for the company and therefore for the employee.

If desired, you can add an article that is present in the company’s collective agreement. It must be clear in the letter that the dismissal is fully justified and the employee is aware of it. It should also be added, how long will you have to return to the company to make the withdrawal of your liquidation.

create dismissal letter

And finally, you must place the name of the person who represents the human resources department and a continuous line under the name for the firm. We can make some final adjustments that have to do with the paragraph. To do this we select the entire paragraph, go to start and make a clip in Paragraph.

In the window that appears we select the Spacing option and we can place 12 pts in front and back. Now we go to Leading and we place 1.5 leading. We can keep changing some things but in general we have our dismissal letter finished and done in a few steps.

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