How to update and upload plugins or templates in WordPress manually by FTP

Knowing how to update wordpress elements through FTP can save your life sometime. Although all updates are done automatically, in certain cases there are premium plugins that require manual installation.

What is FTP?

If you don’t know anything about the insurance issue, the first thing you are wondering is what the heck is FTP ? In simple terms, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a protocol used to transfer files between PCs. In our case, it is the tool used to transfer files from your PC to the server where your website is hosted and vice versa.

update and upload plugins or templates in WordPress

How to update and upload plugins or templates in WordPress by FTP?

Now if, already entered the matter, we can continue with what really interests us. Once you learn to update the plugins and themes on your own, you should not go to a professional for this type of detail.

Make a backup of your website

It is essential that before you make any changes to your website you make a backup of the data. In general, transfers by FTP do not involve a greater risk that may affect the operation of the site.

The best thing is to prevent and avoid possible complications that only generate headaches and leave your website inactive. In any case, for future occasions, it is best to schedule the automatic backup of your website from time to time to keep it safe.

Download an FTP client

The first thing you need to do is download and install an FTP client. One of the most recommended for its reliability and compatibility with the different operating systems in FileZilla. The best thing about this FTP client is that it is free because it is open source and is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Download the Plugin or theme to update

If the plugin or template you want to update is free, you will most likely find it on the official WordPress page. If this is not the case, you can download from the official page of the plugin.

Once it is downloaded to your PC, you must unzip it. Use applications like WinZip or WinRAR to do this.

Connect to your website by FTP

Open the application you just installed and connect to your website. At the top of FileZilla, which is the application we are using in this case, is the section to connect you. The data you need for the connection is the name of the FTP server, username, password and port.

In general, this type of data is provided by the company where you have contracted the hosting. In case you don’t have it, you can search for it from the control panel of your website such as Cpanel.

Configure FTP CPanel

Replace files on server

When you have successfully connected to the server where your website data is hosted, you will see that on the left side of FileZilla are the files from your PC and on the right side are the files from the server. The directory we are interested in accessing on the server is / wp-content / plugins /. In case you are updating a theme the containing folder is / wp-content / themes.

Locate in the application in the left panel the folder where the files of the plugin to be updated are located. Right click on the selected folder and select the Upload option.

Warning messages appear as files are updated to tell you that you are overwriting a file that already exists. Select the option Always use this action and press the OK button. Now the plugin or theme will be up to date, it is a very simple process and takes less time than it is supposed to.

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