How to sort a list of data randomly in Excel easily

Excel is a spreadsheet that has many useful tools to customize, sort and filter data, you can also represent scales or graphs, allowing you to create conditional formats such as the upper and lower rules. One more of these tools is the random function.

This function helps a lot for the study of data, working with samples, statistics and allows to develop simulations of calculations. For this reason it is widely used in surveys and lotteries, for the approximation of results. But, after using this function now you want to sort the data according to your criteria, how to do it? In this article we will explain how to sort a list of random data in Excel easily. 

How to sort a list of data in Excel, step by step

  1. You are going to shade all the data on your list.
  2. Then go up the cursor to the beginning of Excel and at the end on the right hand side you will see the tools that say “modify”, press the drop-down of the first option that says “sort and filter”.
  3. A list will appear press the third option that says “custom order” a dialogue window will appear to indicate which are the criteria you want to order the numbers.
  4. By default the boxes will be filled, especially the last one on the right hand side that says “sort order ” and the first thing you will do is sort the data from highest to lowest.
  5. If the options that are in the default boxes are not what you want, you can simply change it with the black arrow that is next to the names.
  6. If you are satisfied with the criteria in the dialog window press accept and the data will be ready.

sort and filter in excel launch bar

Now if in your spreadsheet next to the numbers that the random function brought you, you also have a list of names in alphabetical order and you want them to be in random order, you just have to shade all the data and do the steps from 2 to the 4.

After performing these steps, a dialog window will open where you will select the option “add level”, then press accept and voila, the data is sorted randomly as simple as inserting accents or accents in Excel.

Following these steps as we have explained will make it easier for you to use the random function in your spreadsheet, but now you will notice that each time you enter a new data the numbers that the random function places change.

This is actually quite tedious, causing you to lose work already in advance, so you will ask yourself the following question  : How can I do so that the numbers of the random function do not change?  Right here we explain it to you easily.

person with laptop using excel tool

How to do so that the data of the random function is not modified in the Excel spreadsheet?

  1. Shade the numbers of the cells where you are going to apply the random function (remember you must not include the headers ).
  2. Click the left button of your mouse or mouse, the options will be displayed, you must press the “copy” option.
  3. You will notice that the green box where the numbers are enclosed has changed, now click the right button of your mouse or mouse and the paste options will be displayed again, this time press “paste values” and voila, the data you entered will not change .

These three simple steps are very important to fix data in your Excel spreadsheet and you can apply it to any other data that you do not want to be modified further.

We hope this article gives you the help you need when using the shuffle function. Keep visiting our page for more content on how to use some Excel functions quickly and easily.

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