How to set up automatic reply on GoDaddy Webmail emails

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task. Planning, resources and clarity in decision making are required for the management of your new business to be optimal enough and obtain the recognition and success you desire.

So, if you need to design a new way to generate income, it is best to do it with a cool head, feet on the ground, patience, optimism and a great winning spirit.

Technological channels have made the dissemination of your business something much more feasible and easy to achieve. You no longer have to pay for newspaper advertising to make yourself known, existing social networks and any other type of digital or web platform in which a design allusive to your business can be displayed.

Trade in the digital age

The appearance of both computers and the internet, as well as the different tools developed by a large number of companies, mainly design, have changed the way in which you can make your company recognized today.

Marketing is a field with a lot of activity today, with social networks being the main means of communication for a large number of people around the world, you will need to have enough tools to transmit attractive content so that it is attractive to other people.

The importance of a web page

Despite the great scope that a presence in social networks can have, web platforms, although considered as something traditional around so many technological advances, is still one of the best ways to establish a connection with your customers.

If you have knowledge in computing, design and development of web pages, you can do it on your own. If not, you may need to hire someone to carry out this project.

Reviewing GoDaddy

If there’s one digital tool that has served a lot of businesses over the years, it’s GoDaddy. Launched in 1997, this platform, whose main service is based on domain registration and web hosting, currently offers a whole catalog of services.

Reviewing GoDaddy

GoDaddy has around 19 million users or customers around the world. It is located in the United States, although it offers its services in different languages. In addition to domain registration and web hosting, they also offer email account creation and website development, among other things.

Prompt and timely attention

One of the important aspects related to the growth of your business has to do with the quality of service. You must adopt measures so that, beyond not offering absolute attention to your client at a certain moment, they feel well received.

The solution? Automatic responses! This tool has been implemented by both social networks and specialized instant messaging applications for companies.

Automatic replies on GoDaddy

autoresponders on GoDaddy

GoDaddy knows that this can be a determining factor for any business and that is why it has shown no greater indifference when it comes to making the necessary efforts to include autoresponders in GoDaddy. Do you want to configure it? Here you have, step by step, what you need to do:

  • Through GoDaddy Webmail, you will enter the configuration option found in the toolbar.
  • Within the menu that presents this bar, select the option “More settings”.
  • Later, click on “Auto-reply”.
  • Check the option “Activate automatic reply”.
  • Make the corresponding settings for sending automatic messages.
    • In this aspect, the following stand out: start time, end time, frequency with which the message is sent (both by message received and by sender)
  • Provides the text that makes up the automatic response.
  • Click on “Save.”

This is how easy it is!

In this way, any email that reaches your business will be answered automatically thanks to GoDaddy and its GoDaddy Webmail tool, optimizing the response time to each client and improving the way you can reach them. Don’t hesitate to try this extraordinary feature!

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