How to put, rotate or flip a photo horizontally in Photoshop

Photoshop is an editing program with which you can easily edit images and photos. Additionally, the program has a large number of users worldwide and was implemented in the market by Adobe.

It should be noted that it has multiple versions which integrate new features and provide better performance in each update version.

So with the program called “photo workshop” you can make a number of changes and transformations in the images and graphics you want.

It is important to mention that with Photoshop you can easily insert images, texts and any photograph for further editing.

It should also be mentioned that through it you can rotate an image in the direction you want. So you only have to follow a series of steps.

Steps to rotate or flip a photo horizontally in Photoshop

Flip a photo horizontally in Photoshop

Mainly you have to open the program, being located you can click on “file” located in the upper left part of the menu. Then the “open” option is pressed , in this way you can have access to the folders on your computer where you can select the photograph you want to transform.

So you select the photo and click on “open”, in this way you can put it in Photoshop. Once this step is done you can see in the lower right panel that the layer has been created.

Likewise, the layer of the photograph, which is called the background, is found with a padlock, therefore you have to click it so that it is deleted and the layer is unlocked.

Then you can see that the layer changes and the name of layer 0 appears, so to rotate the image and flip it you have to select the free transformation tool.

In the first place they must be located on the layer and then you have to enter the upper menu in the “edit” option.

Then a submenu opens with several options, but you have to select the “free transformation” option . In turn, if you wish, you can work with the commands, for this you press the “ctrl + T” keys.

Later you can see that a frame appears around the photograph, so you must click on the image and in the box that appears you click on the “flip horizontal” option . The photo automatically changes direction.

Once the process is done you can press enter to accept the changes or if you prefer you can click on the arrow at the top of the window, in this way the image can be found horizontally inverted.

Freely rotate a photo in Photoshop

Rotate Photoshop

Additionally, there is another method to be able to rotate or flip the image, so you have to go to the “layer” of the photograph and apply the “free transformation”. Then it can be located in any of the corners, in that place a curved arrow is displayed on which you can click with the left mouse button and dragging you can freely rotate the image.

In the same way you can place it in the position you want, also if you want to apply the changes you have to press enter. Likewise, if you want to rotate the image to a specific angle, you can do it, you also have to select the “edit” option in the upper menu to be able to search for “free transformation”.

Then they can be located in the angle symbol which is in the upper part of the window to be able to place the precise percentage, the change will automatically be applied to the photograph.

Another option that can be applied is to right click on the image and the options to rotate 180º appear, in addition it can be rotated 90º to the right or left. It should be mentioned that in order to rotate a specific angle, a value between -180º and 180º must be entered.

Finally, it should be mentioned that Photoshop program is one of the best with which you will be able to do a pleasant editing job. It is also important that you know the different functions and toolbars offered by the program so that you can get the most out of it.

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