How to put my Android keyboard in Japanese using the Kana App

Languages ​​are a wide and incredible method of communication that varies throughout the globe, from the beginning human beings have developed to communicate with each other. Although it is curious that this feature is not globalized.

Perhaps this is due to geographic factors and different reporting needs, or at least it was previously. The point is that due to the variety of languages that have been developed, different types of tools have been created to achieve successful communication.

These tools are much more accessible with the use of technology, such as the development of translators in smartphones, the settings that allow us to change the language of the device, and even applications that change the language of the keyboard we use.

Generally, Android devices have been characterized by offering this type of configuration, being possible to change the keyboard in any other language that we like, such as Chinese , Greek .

But, if you still don’t know how to perform this procedure, don’t worry, because it will be explained step by step below.

What is the Android device keyboard?

Most Android devices have a particular keyboard. That is, if we make a comparison of all the keyboards in the world of cell phones with this operating system. We will find small differences in each one.

For example, some keyboards allow the display of signs if we hold down the corresponding key, while in others it is necessary to access another segment of the keyboard to use them. This in some cases complicates the user due to the habit factor.

Are Android keyboards better than computer keyboards?

The efficient development that Android devices have had, result in really versatile and efficient tools such as their keyboards. That compared to the tangible and retrograde style that the computer keyboard had, it has improved enormously.

For example, keyboards were previously very susceptible to damage from dirt, trash, drops, or other factors. Point in favor of the keyboards of Android devices, since they are shown on the screen and only require it for use.

Even in terms of mobility it is also better. Since unlike computers it does not merit the external keyboard itself, but it appears on the device every time we need to type anything.

How to put my Android keyboard in Japanese using the Kana App?

Kana App

It’s amazing how languages ​​can get to the point where it is completely different to use a keyboard for one language and then use another. For example, if we see the variation of Spanish keyboards with English keyboards, it will be very noticeable that the only thing that changes is the letter “ñ”.

On the other hand, some users who need to change from Spanish to Japanese do not find this process so easy, since the letters change completely. But also to give great concern about this factor because applications like App Kana , we easily solve this problem.

To carry out this process, the first thing we must do is download the application from the Play Store, since it is the default store to download applications on Android devices. Then, we must open the app from the initial menu or from the Play Store itself.

Kana Town, Play Store

Being on the main screen of the application, we must select the third option from the lower menu called “Vocabulary”, then we select the “Keyword Tutorial” tool and click on next. Later, the same program will make the words we write appear in Japanese.

As well as this tool there are many others, which represents a great factor when it comes to modern language learning, which has improved with the internet and it is very sure that it will be in constant improvement. Therefore, we should make the most of and download these types of apps.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion . Have you been able to place the Android keyboard in Japanese using the Kana App? Do you know of another method that allows this action to be carried out? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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