How to order food at home or to go from the DIDI Food App

Didi food

The Didi company provides various options for users, among which we find the Didi Food modality. If you wonder what is and how does DiDi Food work? In short, with the application you can order food at home with restaurants in your city.

It is undoubtedly a great option for those days when you do not want to cook, being able to access an extensive food catalog. Little by little Didi has spread throughout America, providing an excellent service that has also been expanded by other options such as Didi delivery.

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This time we will show you the process of ordering food using the Didi Food application. Read carefully in case you have questions, although the process is simple.

This is how you order food at home with DIDI Food

If you want to order food using the Didi Food service, the first thing you need to do is download the Didi application or directly Didi Food. Either of these two applications will serve the process that we will show below.

Enter the Didi application

The first step is to open the Didi application, you will notice that at the top of the screen are the options provided by the platform. On this occasion you will have to press on the one named “Food”.

Once you click on the “Food” option, the multiple restaurants that provide their service through Didi in your area will be displayed. You will see that the top part shows the address to which it will be delivered, this information is provided at the time of registration, but it is always possible to change your destination in DiDi from your cell phone .

If you want to make any changes related to the address, just click on the option “Deliver to” and make the relevant change. It is important that the information is written correctly, since this is the address that the delivery person will use to deliver the food.

ask for address didi

You will also notice that at the top you can specifically search for the restaurant or food establishment that catches your attention. In any case, it will only appear if you are registered on the Didi platform.

Select the restaurant to finish the process

To continue with the process, click on the restaurant from which you want to buy food. Look for the food you want to buy, usually restaurants show their catalog that usually includes a large number of options. When you find the one you want, click on “Add”.

By doing the above, the order options will be displayed (if applicable), now just select those that you want to include in the order. Once you have made the configuration, click on the “Add” option.

After you’ve added your food, go to the “View Cart” section. At the top appears the option “Add address” just select your address and the type of home you have. Your phone number should automatically be added. You can also choose the way to withdraw it, we recommend selecting “Meet us at the door”.

The last thing would be to select the payment details, in this case we also find “Payment method”, where you can add payment methods in cash or card , but you can also change the bank account in DIDI if necessary. Finally, click on the “Pay” option.

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