How to open or run a PowerPoint presentation in slideshow mode

PowerPoint is a tool that allows you to make presentations, organize photos, make reports, and much more. So through it, you can make the presentations that can be transmitted to an audience, it also serves as a support in the exhibitions.

Together you can create any type of work that can be attractive to the audience. It is important to note that it is a program that can be easily handled, likewise you can include any type of text, audio images and movement in your presentations if you wish.

It should also be noted that this tool is the most widely used worldwide to generate this type of presentations and exhibitions , this is due to the ease of use and the tools available.

Steps to run a PowerPoint presentation in slideshow

Steps to run a PowerPoint presentation in slideshow

Initially with PowerPoint you will have at hand everything you need to be able to express your knowledge, projects, designs, products and services.

With PowerPoint you can create any design that the user wants to display in an elegant way. For this reason, it is important to understand how to run presentations in exhibition mode.

Also this computer application is part of office, which is a set of applications that combine various types of software.

Likewise, the presentations that you create in PowerPoint can be exposed by means of a projector, for this reason it is important that the presentations are executed as an exhibition.

It should be noted that presentations in exhibition mode cannot be modified, and users will not be able to use the mouse or any type of key while the presentation is running in this mode.

It was designed so that it transmits the exhibition without any kind of interruption, in addition, the only key that can be used for this exhibition presentation is “Esc ” to be able to exit it if you wish at the end of the presentation.

So initially to be able to configure the exhibition you must create the presentation you want, once the presentation is ready you can run it.

First of all, you have to select the “Slide Show ” option from the top menu and then in the various options you have to choose “Set Presentation “.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to see a new window where you must select “Explore in exhibition ” then you can click on “accept”, so when you follow the steps the presentation will be automatically configured.

Later you can save it and it will be ready for presentation to the audience who will also not have any access to make changes to it. This tool allows the creation of this mode as an advantage that someone can damage the creations.

Importance and advantages of PowerPoint

Laptop, Power Point logo screen

It should be mentioned that the presentation program was developed by the Microsoft company for its operating systems, together it is integrated into the Microsoft office suite as one more element.

In turn, you can take advantage of the other equipment components to achieve a good result. So PowerPoint is one of the most used programs worldwide to create various types of presentations either for schools, or for the business field.

For this reason, it is important to understand how each of the tools are handled , for example drawing tools, in order to be able to use the program correctly, in addition, since it is a system used to teach and to show the audience the presentations, the program includes exposure mode among its functions.

So you can make presentations with any type of text, in the same way, clipart and much more can be included .

In the same way, with this tool you can create practical presentations, even in PowerPoint you can have access to the most used commands such as copy and paste, you can also format and create a new slide.

In short, when the presentation is ready, you can use the slide presentation option, since the tab offers the tools to present the slide without problems in exhibition mode.

Finally, it should be noted that the PowerPoint program is one of the most used in almost everyone. Because it offers an excellent interface and very practical options. It is also possible to create dynamic and stylish presentations.

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