How to Make or Create Tables in Word – Quick and Easy

How to create tables in Word?

  1. To begin we must open our Word program on the computer.
  2. In the “Insert” tab we look for the option “Tables” to be able to create them.
  3. Within this option we can find how to create our table and with how many cells we need.
  4. From this menu we can visualize the tables with their cells and they can preview in the sheet as well, if this method is to your liking you can use it only by checking the cells you need and you will already have it in your Word sheet.

Alternative methods for creating and modifying tables in Word

  1. Another important method to make the tables is to enter “Insert” and “Tables” again, there we find the option “Insert table” that lets us customize by number of columns, rows, row width and more, it is ideal for making large tables in Word.
  2. «Draw tables» is a more “homemade” method to do them since with a tool like a pencil we will neatly draw each column, row of our table, thus being able to customize it as we wish.
  3. You can insert and use an Excel spreadsheet in the “Tables” and “Excel sheets” option .
  4. By last option and not least, we can use the button «Tables» and in the section «Quick tables».
  5. Within them you can select from the menu that displays an option among several, they are tables already generated to carry out different projects such as; default calendars.

create word tables

How to modify and edit tables in Word

We can modify and edit the tables in Word to change their sizes, change or remove any row, cell or column from the place, insert more cells or rows if perhaps we are missing.

  1. We enter the “Presentation” tab .
  2. A menu is displayed where we will find different options to complement our table.
  3. Selecting each cell is not impossible, if you want to modify it, you can only click on the “Select” option and in the menu that appears we can choose what to select, it can be a cell, a complete row and in it we can delete or copy to insert a new.
  4. Sometimes the tables that we download from the Internet and want to copy so that it exists in our document are without borders, or visible rows or columns when we paste into our document.
  5. In a case like this, we can enter «Presentation» and then «View grid» to access to visualize the borders, cells and rows of our copied table. But these will only be seen in an “illustrative” way so that they are displayed permanently we must go to the “Design” tab.
  6. Within it we find the option «Borders». We will select the borders that we want to be seen within our invisible grid.
  7. Then when we do this, when we return to the «Presentation» menu and select the «See grid» option, the new grid that we created on which we copied will be displayed.image logo word

With these steps we can create tables very easily and in a few steps, a complete guide on how to perform each point from inserting a table already created and downloaded from the Internet to making a table from scratch with Word, or on the contrary, how to remove formatting from tables and texts in Word. 

There are many options and possibilities in Word that we can present to you in each article about this incredible program, stay tuned for the new articles with more step by step on how to hide or remove the edges of a table in Word and its tools that will help you manage the program like a pro.

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