How to make or create a page in Word – Complete Guide

Well, stay with us and we will teach you in simple steps  how to make or create a page in Word.

In other articles, we have already mentioned how useful it is to work with this editor. Since it has options and spatial attributes to create, edit and carry out any project that you can think of, such as a photo collage . But before we begin to explain how to make or create a page in Word, let’s see what a page is and its characteristics.

What is a page and its characteristics

To explain in a general way, a page is a sheet that has specific dimensions and that is widely used when making biographies, essays or thesis. Where only a few sheets are required, in some cases two or even a single sheet. When a page is made, a specific format is usually used, which we will detail below.

There are many aspects or characteristics that we must take into account when we want to create a page in Word. First, the margins, which must have specific dimensions, those on the right and left sides must be kept between 2 cm and 2.5 cm. And the top and bottom margins should be between 2.5 and 3 cm.

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Another characteristic that they must have is in terms of the number of words, which must be kept between 200 and 250. Where their characters between punctuation marks, numbers and words can be kept between 1700.

Another important aspect is the lines which can be between 20 to 25 lines or lines and maintain a space between lines of double space to space and a half.

Last but not least is the use of a specific font when we are making pages in Word. In general, it is very common to use the font known as Times New Roman and with a size of 12 points, but Arial is also beginning to be used more frequently.

We must bear in mind that some aspects are only for reference, since it will depend on your area of ​​study.

How to make or create a page in Word

When we are creating a page in Word, it is very important to configure certain options that will give us the desired appearance to our work or project. First we go to the Word text editor and open a blank document.

We place the text we want on our sheet, then we justify, now we go to Format to configure the options for margin, font, spaces, etc.

First of all we are going to configure the paper options, previously A5 was used as a standard measure to make pages. But currently that measure has been discontinued and the use of A4 has been implemented, but due to the rise of Letter size it is more common now, the use of this size, but either of the two can be used.

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Having selected the size of the sheet, we move on to another point, which are the margins , which you will find next to the letter tab. We can put values ​​that we explained previously, then we choose the orientation of the sheet that is going to be Vertical, then we make a clip on the Apply option in the entire document and finally OK.

Next we change the font, the size and use the ones we explained before but we suggest using Arial and size 12. This is because it is not so tiring to look at and it is more legible, then we justify the entire document. The titles must be of the same font and of a larger size that is 14.

To finish creating a page in Word, let’s write the heading, you can do this by going to insert and select heading. You can also place the page number using this same insert tab.

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