How To Load Preset Layouts Into Divi – Quick And Easy

It is never enough when perfection is sought

Even though it was already considered the best platform to carry out this type of project, WordPress has not stopped growing and improving, being D i saw a faithful example of it.

This plugin to the WordPress system allows many users to optimize creation and design times for their blogs and web pages. Improving the experience of people who are not related to the platform and is a perfect shortcut for the most expert.

The designs offered by Divi

With 12 years of operation and a large community that is part of this platform, Divi offers its users more than 600,000 templates. If a lack of creativity is a problem, this website builder (as good as any of the best WordPress plugins ) may be the solution to get the ideal design for your blog or website.

designs offered by Divi

Preset layouts

If you already have your Divi account and want to start exploring the templates it offers, you are in the right place. Ideally, start with the pre-established templates or designs to shape your website.

Remember that for this process you must have a license. Enjoy the thousands of designs found on this platform, it comes at a price, but it’s worth it.

If you have it, you can download the themes you want and it will be a matter of following the instructions:

  1. Login to your Divi account.
  2. On the ribbon on the left of your screen, locate the Pages section.
  3. Add a new page.
  4. Enter the title of the page.
  5. Click the Publish button (on the right of your screen).
  6. Then click on the option Use the Divi constructor.

3 types of options will appear on your screen. In this case, select the first one that appears on the left side, “Build from scratch ” which will send you to the part where you will begin to build the page.

Selection of designs

Within the template to start designing your blog or website , you will see a ribbon with the name of the Divi builder, here, you must click on the plus sign that appears after the name.

This action will cause the layout library to open. In this part you will see the pages that you have already created, the designs that you have saved and the preset designs, which, in this case, are the ones you are going to use.

  • Click Premade Layouts.
  • Select the category of templates related to your blog or website.

What you need for your website Divi has it

At this point it is important to clarify that what Divi really offers is a template package. Therefore, when selecting a design, the platform will offer you the different elements that are part of the package: gallery section, contact section, home page, editing of backgrounds with animated gradients in a section , etc.

You can use all or one. Using the search engine to specifically explore the section you need.

What you need for your website Divi has it

Loading process

To continue with the design of your blog or website, once you have selected the package you want or the specific section you need, follow the instructions:

  • Click on View Live Demo if you want to have a preview of the design you have chosen or on Use this layout if you have already made the decision to use it.
  • If you have selected the second option, you will return to the design panel, which will show you all the blocks that make up this template.
  • Using the tools that Divi offers, you will be able to test what the design would look like on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Ready to use

Once you’ve tried it, the only thing left is to save it. In this way, you have already loaded a preset design in Divi, waiting for you to make the necessary modifications to adapt it to your blog or website.

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