How to Level Up or Level Up on Duolingo Easily – Advance and Learn with Duolingo

How to level up on Duolingo?

When we use Duolingo to learn English for free or some other available language, we surely start with many doubts or insecurities as to what our experience will be. For example, we may wonder how long it will take us to know and handle new words well, how well we will be able to understand the language, among other common doubts.

More as we move forward, we realize that using Duolingo and learning a new language is much easier than we thought. But we may continue to ask ourselves one of the most important questions when using this education tool: What should we do to level up? Well, what we have to do to achieve it is very simple and is within the reach of each and every one of us.

Steps to level up on Duolingo

When creating an account on Duolingo , the steps you need to take to level up are really simple. All you have to do is keep completing the different lessons and units. It’s that simple!

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Keep in mind that, every time we complete a lesson, we receive XP or experience that allows us to level up within the units. Each unit has five levels, each one of greater difficulty than the previous one. In addition, when we manage to level up in each unit, we will receive crowns, which are rewards for our advancement.

Of course, as time goes by and the progress you make within your Duolingo classes, the units will get more and more complicated and more difficult. When this happens, it will not be as easy to level up as before, but everything will depend on your determination and the perseverance you have to achieve that goal.

Tips for learning with Duolingo

As with any learning process, when learning a new language there are several tips that can help us greatly to reach our goal much more easily. For example, when you log into Duolingo and start using it, the following tips can be of great help:

  • Try to be consistent with your classes. Make an effort to establish a specific time and moment in the day to take your classes, in addition to, of course, following them to the letter and thus moving forward more quickly.

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  • Remember to use practice mode. When you have completed your classes for the day and want to review some topics, what can you do? Well, for these cases there is the practical way. From it you can, as its name says, practice all the topics you have learned so far in order to reinforce them in your mind.
  • Don’t skip the lessons. At the end of each section of units, we can find the option to “Take a shortcut”, through which we can complete the lessons without having to go through them. Although this can be useful in certain cases, it usually prevents us from fully understanding the subject, so we do not recommend using it unless you are completely sure.
  • Be part of the Duolingo forums and use the notes. In addition to the lessons themselves, we can find several tools such as forums to chat with friends on Duolingo or the notes that better explain the topics. If you use these tools correctly, we assure you that you will get the most out of your time with Duolingo.

Once we have analyzed all this, we are convinced that you will be able to level up much faster within Duolingo and that you will be able to enjoy your daily classes to a great extent.

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