How to Insert WordArt Text into Microsoft PowerPoint – Quick and Easy

WordArt styles can be very useful to beautify our PowerPoint slides. If you are interested in knowing how to insert WordArt text in Microsoft PowerPoint,  read the following guide that we have prepared for you.

WordArt is already a classic among the many Microsoft Office tools , for many years it has been available in Word and PowerPoint. Even so, it is common that in modern versions it is difficult for you to locate it, do not worry we will guide you through the process.

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What is WordArt text in Microsoft PowerPoint?

The style or WordArt has been very popular since it was released in 1995 and is described precisely as a style available in multiple Microsoft products, for example, you can enable Classic WordArt in Word and also in PowerPoint.

Undoubtedly one of the most interesting points of WordArt is that it allows you to create highly stylized texts, applying different textures and formats. It is especially useful to make the appearance of our works or our PowerPoint slides.

The texts in WordArt format are fully customizable, being able to change aspects such as size, width, color and it is also possible to rotate, rotate or stretch the titles or texts created with this particular format.

The truth is that it is a very useful tool, for this reason we recommend inserting WordArt into Microsoft Publisher and any other Microsoft office application, as it could get you out of trouble.

Is WordArt still available within PowerPoint?

In the past, when Microsoft programs were not so complex, there was a tab dedicated specifically to WordArt. Currently this is not the case, in any case this does not mean that this function is not available.

WordArt is still available in PowerPoint, in fact although the styles are not as varied as in previous versions, now you can modify them with much more freedom. Today we will show you how to apply WordArt to make creative PowerPoint slides with a professional design .

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How to Insert WordArt Text into Microsoft PowerPoint – Quick and Easy

As we mentioned previously, text or WordArt styles are still very popular today, as they greatly enhance the appearance of our slides. If you have trouble finding and applying the WordArt format to your PowerPoint slides, read the following guide:

  1. Once you are inside your slide, to insert text in format or WordArt, just go to Insert.
  2. In the Insert section, the available options related to the text on the screen are shown, you will have to locate the WordArt section and click on it.
  3. By clicking on WordArt, the different styles available within the new versions of PowerPoint will be displayed.
  4. Choose the style that seems most interesting or striking.
  5. Once you press on the style, the space for the text will be displayed on the screen. This is where you must write the title or text of the content that you want to be in WordArt format.
  6. You can move it to the position that seems best to you, in the same way you can change the size with the different controls located in the corners of the text.
  7. Although the text in WordArt format is different from the rest of the applied texts, you can also go to the Format section and change aspects related to the style.
  8. By clicking on format, you will find aspects such as the alignment (horizontal, vertical), the exact size and many other factors to configure the text according to your tastes.

By following the steps above you will be able to access the multiple text styles available in WordArt. This interesting function will allow actions such as curving or arcing a text in Word , in Powerpoint and other programs of the Office Suite. Use them right now to spice up your slides by customizing them and giving them that unique look.

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