How to insert WordArt into Microsoft Publisher | How to use the WordArt tool

Microsoft Publisher is a basic tool for creating written works, its advantages lie in its great ease of use. If you want to learn How to insert WordArt into Microsoft Publisher | How to use the WordArt tool, please read the following guide that we have prepared for you.

WordArt is one of the most popular options within the multiple tools of the Microsoft office suite. Wordart can be inserted in PowerPoint , in Word and fortunately we also have it present in Microsoft Publisher.

Wordart can be useful in many circumstances, for example when making greeting and invitation cards in Publisher and many other actions of these characteristics, for this we recommend you learn to use this classic function.

WordArt in Microsoft Publisher

How to insert WordArt into Microsoft Publisher | How to use the WordArt tool

Using WordArt within Microsoft Publisher is very simple, in fact the program presents us with facilities to apply it. In case you have any doubts, follow this guide:

  1. The first thing you should do is open the Microsoft Publisher application
  2. Once you are inside the program, look for the Insert option , which you can find in the menus located at the top of the screen.
  3. In the multiple options available in the dissertation section, you will find WordArt.
  4. When you press on WordArt, the multiple available formats with which you can create texts within Microsoft Publisher will appear on the screen.
  5. Select the style that most attracts your attention and click on it. When you do this, the space to write the text will be displayed on the screen. In the same way you can change the size, put the text in bold, italic and of course change the font, that is, the format.
  6. Write the text you want and configure it to your liking. Once you are satisfied with the result, click on the Accept option and your WordArt text will be displayed on the screen.
  7. Once you have the text on the screen, you can use its controls to change its size, orientation, position, and you can even deform and tilt it.

Modify the text

When you are done with the basic settings of your text, certain modifications are possible. In the event that you made a mistake at the time of writing, it might be convenient to change some of the text.

For this, then use the option to modify text, which you will find in the upper menus. In this section you can partially or totally change the text, modifying aspects such as its font, size or applying a specific style.

Further configure WordArt text in Microsoft Publisher

While using the basic options of WordArt you will get a stylized text, you can also configure it to your liking using the tools present in Microsoft Publisher. The following are some of the tools you should consider to modify and configure your text in WordArt format.

Apply spacing

The spacing option also allows you to modify the text of WordArt, to access it you just have to click on “Spacing”, which is located in the upper left part of the screen.

By clicking on this option you can access different spacing, such as: Very narrow, narrow, normal, separated or very separated. In this way you can configure the distance between the letters of the WordArt text to your liking .

Microsoft Publisher

Text orientation

Similarly, we have the possibility to change the orientation of our text. By default the text will be oriented horizontally, but it is possible to change it to vertical orientation.

To put a WordArt text vertically, you just have to click on the text and then on the option “Vertical Text”, which you will find in the upper left part of your screen.

In addition to the above, also in relation to the orientation and other characteristics of the texts, it is possible to add shapes and insert text within them , which represents an alternative to the classic Wordart.

Text alignment

As with any document from programs such as Microsoft Word and the like, it is possible to center, align to the left, justify our text, etc. To change the alignment of your WordArt text, all you have to do is access the “Alignment” option located at the top left of the screen.

In this way you will be able to configure your WordArt text properly using all the options that we have presented to you today. Following the steps above will greatly improve the appearance of your Microsoft Publisher projects.

Without a doubt, Wordart is very useful when creating quality content with the application. On the other hand, you should also master the process to add capital letter to paragraphs in Microsoft Publisher that will allow you to decorate and give a more complete image, similar to what Wordart offers you.

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