How to increase storage Kindle Fire Tablet with microSD

Amazon Kindle Fire is launched on the technology market to make readers fall in love. Well, this portable device is an electronic book reader that allows you to move and download your favorite library anywhere in the world. For this reason, today you will know how to add storage to an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet with a microSD card.

This is a very affordable Tablet as far as price is concerned. Due to its price, the Amazon Kindle Fire has short features. It has 1 GB of RAM, a quad-core processor without much power. But it also has 16 GB of internal memory which in one way or another allows us to download various applications.

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How to easily increase the storage capacity of your Kindle Fire

There are several effective methods to get a larger storage capacity on our Kindle Fire, such as:

  • Get rid of everything that we do not really need : we must frequently check the gallery, games, and other files that may be occupying space that we need at any time, we just have to delete them, entering ‘settings’, we select the ‘storage’ option, then we click on the ‘archive now’ option in the ‘archived’ folder, once this is done the unwanted files will be deleted from the device.
  • Install apps that are smaller in size : this is another reason why we do not have enough space, we must look for options in the store that have less weight, there are infinite applications that comply with the aforementioned, supplanting the applications that we already have, for others lighter.
  • Carry out a deep cleaning of the device : for this, we can use applications with functions of this type, such as Files, it is an application that is part of the Google company, being very effective in terms of system analysis and elimination of cache data .

How to expand memory to an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet with a microSD card

The microSD cards are a simple way to expand the memory of our device at low cost, you can make it work to store applications or music.

These are available in official Amazon stores and there is a lot of diversity in them. In addition to being much more practical due to its tiny size and it easily fits into the Tablet through a slot designed for this purpose.

The Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet supports microSD cards of up to one hundred and twenty-eight gigabytes. This will clearly depend on the needs of the user and the amount of information and documents that you want to keep in it.

It is recommended to use UHS microSD cards for this device , this refers to the speed and improvement of its operation. But if you do not have any of this, no problem, any card will serve to expand your storage. add storage with a microsd card to amazon kindle fire

The installation of this card is quite simple, you just have to insert it in the hole designed for it that is located on the right side of the computer. Very close to the camera, and ready, your storage will now be larger and you can have more applications available.

How to transfer data from your Kindle Fire to the SD card

The steps to do so are simple:

  • We enter ‘configuration ,, and select the folder that indicates’ storage ‘, then various options will appear that we can enable and also disable, such as,’ install compatible apps on the SD card ‘,’ save videos and photos on the card SD ‘,’ download publications and books to the SD card ‘.
  • When we have enabled all these options, the new and old files that we have will be stored in a predetermined way within the SD card, although we must bear in mind that some files and apps must be kept in the internal storage of the device from their factory.
  • In the same way, to transfer the apps that we have on our Kindle Fire, to the SD card, we only have to go to ‘storage’, there we will see an option that indicates ‘ move the applications to the SD card’, we press that option, from this shape will be moved automatically.
    To transfer our music, it is almost the same procedure, we enter ‘music settings’, then we select the music and click on ‘transfer to SD card’, and that’s it.

Advantages of freeing up the internal memory of your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet

  • By freeing up the internal memory of our Kindle Fire tablet, we will obtain a better management in terms of use of the device.
  • Improves the speed and efficiency when opening applications or games.
  • It avoids accumulation of files and unwanted elements, and that at some point can cause consequences, such as application traffic and stopping them.

Specifications of the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

This device allows us to download quite powerful games. Although to be honest and clear, this device does not have Google applications at its disposal, it does not have the Play Store or Google Maps.

It is downloadable? Yes, you can download the Google Play Store on your Tablet in a few simple steps. It has the Alexa application which is a virtual assistant that makes life easier for us.

However, Amazon Kindle has its virtual store where we can download Netflix, Spotify and even Candy Crush. They are certainly not the same as those found in the Play Store but this does not mean that we cannot install applications.

If we buy this Tablet we will have Amazon Prime Video that integrates quite well, with a lot of series and movies available. As you can see, everything is relevant in the Amazon operating system.

The settings are similar to the Android system, it also has a 2-megapixel front camera and a 4-megapixel rear camera. Regarding the battery, it lasts around four or five hours in continuous use.

Tricks for Amazon Kindle

First of all, when acquiring your Tablet, the first thing you want to do is customize it and mold it to your liking. These devices by default acquire the name of your Amazon account with which you have signed in.

add storage to an amazon kindle fire tablet

But if for different reasons you want to identify with another name you can do it in the settings section. By the way now that we refer to this you can also add a wallpaper on Amazon Kindle.

An important function is that it allows you to modify the size of the text to facilitate our reading moments and make it more enjoyable.

Amazon Kindle Fire vs iPad

The Amazon Kindle Tablet costs only a fraction of the price of the iPad but its features are quite limited compared to this. However, it offers the right level for optimal and long-lasting use.

Amazon Kindle has a slightly wider design compared to the iPad but compared to weight it is much lighter than the competition.

In terms of aesthetics, the iPad takes over this with its chrome aluminum design, while the Kindle has slightly cheaper designs.

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