How to import my bookmarks from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox?

Google is one of the companies belonging to the multinational corporation Alphabet, which operates in the field of technology and whose services include software, technological devices and the best known worldwide the “Google Search”.

The search engine developed by Google is one of the most successful internet platforms in the world. And it is estimated that more than 79% of the Latin American population uses the Google search engine when accessing the internet, this without counting the rest of the world.

Google provides various services; such as “Gmail” e-mail , “Google photos” (platform that allows the storage of data or multimedia files on the internet in a safe and reliable way), Google drive (offers a similar service but allows the storage of Microsoft Word files , PDF, PowerPoint), YouTube and many others.

How to import my bookmarks from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox?

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The Google search engine has been incorporating new tools that allow users to perform activities on the platform more quickly and efficiently. One of them is the “voice search” in which the user uses the microphone of his device to command an action.

Google Chrome which is the legal name of this service. The platform has been divided into different formats so that the user decides which element they want to search specifically, either in “all”, “images”, “videos”, “news” or “Maps” (Location by geolocation).

Another tool that although it is not very named, but nevertheless is quite useful, are the “Google bookmarks”. This option allows the user to bookmark the web pages that they use on a daily basis and add them to the panel of the main page, so that the user can enter it with just one “click”.

How can I import my bookmarks from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox?

If your main search engine is Google, but for some reason you need to enter Mozilla Firefox, you can import your bookmarks, so you will not have to reconfigure this option in the new search engine.

If you still don’t know how to export your favorite bookmarking web pages, don’t worry because the procedure is very simple, all you have to do is the following:

  • Enter from your computer and click on the Google browser tab
  • Once in it, go to the upper right corner and click on the “more” options menu , the icon is represented by three vertically arranged dots.
  • Select from the list of options, the “Bookmarks” section , and in turn click on “import favorites and settings”.
  • Then you must choose Google as the browser that includes your favorites.
  • Click import, click Mozilla Firefox and then “done. Your bookmarks will automatically appear in the browser tab.

 How to import your favorite bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome?


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In case you want to import the web pages that you have marked as favorites in Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome, it is also possible:

  • Login from your computer and click on the tab of your Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Once there, select “catalog”, this section of the page develops a role similar to that of “more” in Google Chrome, (both are options menu).
  • Click on “bookmarks,” then scroll through the list of options and select “show all bookmarks.
  • Verify that the list contains all the web pages that you need to import, and delete those that you do not consider important.
  • When finished, click on catalog and click on the “export and create backup” button.
  • Select “export data to another browser”.
  • In the list of available browsers, select Google Chrome and click next.
  • Mozilla Firefox will show you a list of files that you can export, such as browsing history, stored passwords, cookies, and bookmarks. Click on the latter.
  • Check next and wait for the process to finish, it will show you what has been shared, then click on finish.

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