How to generate a PayPal online credit card number for my transactions

How to generate a credit card number online from Paypal for my transactions?

Paypal is an online platform through which you can make commercial purchase and sale transactions, with an account on this platform you can send and receive money from anywhere in the world. Paypal is one of the main means of online payments.

The Paypal platform allows you to generate card numbers to make purchases on different web pages, this warrants a process of long steps to follow, but after all it will be worth doing, because you can make your transactions using this card number.

To generate a Paypal card number, the first thing you have to do is log into your Paypal account online. Then you are going to go to your account profile and click on a link for the Paypal platform plug-in, this link is the one that will generate a Paypal card number that will be used to make transactions on different sites.

generate a credit card number paypal line transactions

Later you must click on ‘Secure Cards’ where you will get the option to ‘Generate a new card’; Now you have to choose the type of card, there are only two: multi-use card and one-time use. Depending on the type of card you need, you will choose it and you will immediately get the number generated, plus the security code and expiration date.

How to buy with a Paypal online card number on a website or store?

At the time of buying or making a commercial transaction through the Paypal platform, we can take into account the generated Paypal card number online in the manner described above.

The first thing we will do is locate the store and the product that we want to purchase through a PayPal online credit card purchase , we must search the catalog of the website or online store for the specific product that we want.

Prior to this, we must make sure that the store accepts the Paypal payment method, as well as find the Paypal button (symbol of two overlapping letters P) on the specific item or product.

When you go to make a purchase with this payment method, we recommend that you have your Paypal account verified with a credit card , in order to have greater user authentication and not present inconveniences when paying.

When you click on the Paypal symbol, a new tab will be broken down in which you will have to put the card number generated in the previous process, and the data such as the security code and the expiration date of the same. This is enough to make the purchase.

How to use the Paypal payment method to sell products online?

In addition to making purchases with a Paypal card number that you generated yourself, this platform also allows you to establish it as a means of payment for your online sales

generate paypal credit card number

To use the Paypal payment method in your online product and service sales you need to apply a process, and it is not only about verifying your Paypal account, but more than that.

You must read all the conditions and terms that a business Paypal account comprises, so that the payment platform in question authorizes you for this action. You also have to create or add a Paypal payment button on your website , which is simple and easy to do.

In this way, you will be able to make the commercial transactions you want from your Paypal account, and always complying with the requirements of the platform. It is important to generate a Paypal card number, as well as create a Paypal account.

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