How to find a user or find out their data in Mercado Libre to contact them

E-commerce platform

Free market is a global network of commerce . A company that has a presence in many countries. Its objective is that operations are available to many users. And that shopping at Mercado Libre be a pleasant experience. Both new and used products (so-called second-hand). They have even expanded the system by incorporating the offering of private services.

It has strengthened networks by increasing online jobs, giving many entrepreneurs opportunities to progress in their goals by registering on its platform . In a simple and intuitive interface; However, these platforms can lead to scams to people, so we will provide you with some tips.

  • Be wary of exaggeratedly cheap offers. They seek to attract attention and catch next victims. Especially in highly demanded items.
  • Be careful with sales of prohibited products.
  • Analyze the seller in detail. Because there have been cases in which the same person has created multiple accounts, to generate fictitious operations and ratings. That contributes to your reputation. So it is necessary to observe very well to what extent these qualifications are exaggerated or realistic.
  • Very pending if the seller requires a period greater than 30 days for the delivery of the product. Because after that period, the buyer loses the safe purchase option offered by the free market.
  • Never confirm that the product has arrived if you have not really received it.

Reputation and user data

As a buyer or seller it is very useful to have knowledge of our users when drawing up a transaction. This can save us problems and scams in the network. For this, the Mercado Libre website has provided a space to know the user’s history. And they measure it by means of a thermometer with a range of colors. The more successful the operations are, the closer you are to the green color. Otherwise, you will get closer to the color red.

the reputation thermometer with color indicator in free market

Besides, you can know the location where it resides and the comments both favorable and unfavorable from the user. They also project your success in percentage, the number of scheduled sales, and the time you’ve been working with the e-commerce platform.

As we indicated above, the Mercado Libre system has made it difficult for us to have access to important information. So far, the only way to obtain it is when the person agrees to purchase by pressing the “buy now ” button. So by mail you get the customer or seller data.

Even other users have been given the task of looking for ways to consult information. But over time, they become out of date or invalidated. Because the web is updated quickly creating the aforementioned secrecy. However, our team has managed to find a way to find a user in Mercado Libre.

Search for a user in free market

  • It is necessary that at least you know the “Alias ” or the name with which the user registered.
  • Copy the following address: “here you write the Alias ​​or username” (do not leave space). Example.
  • Then you open a new tab in the browser and paste the copied, in the address bar. And don’t forget to press the “Enter ” key .
  • The positive, negative and neutral qualifications of the person will immediately be reflected . Your location and even know your double profile, buyer and seller, if you have both.

user using the free market platform

This information is very useful, because not even in the question section we can access the interested user. But as you can see the process is simple. Of course like everything, this advice will be valid for a short time, until the platform makes its modifications. We hope you can take advantage of it in time. You can share your opinions with us.

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