How to enable or disable notifications in Slack on mobile or PC

The importance that we human beings gave when creating so many technological devices is to see how they could make our lives easier, so that we can raise our quality of life and thus, be able to aspire to be better in all areas. aspects. Among all this, the way we communicate is always of the utmost importance.

This is because if we look at how our brains are made, how we grow up and how we act with each other, we will realize that the human being is a living being that is intelligent, and strictly social. Being out of communication with society has proven to be detrimental to the development of good mental health.

That is why over the years, humans have created different ways by which they can communicate with each other. Thanks to the existence of Smartphones, communication has become much easier. This is because these devices are highly common among the global population.

This is incredibly important, because thanks to it we can find out everything that happens in the world that surrounds us immediately. Also, humans have created applications that specialize the digital environments in which people can communicate, and are known as instant messaging programs or applications.

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What is and how does an instant messaging application work?

An instant messaging application is one that allows its users to send messages, which can widely vary the way they transmit information, immediately. Usually, these applications are free, and they only require you to create an account to access these services.

These applications work since the companies that create them have at their disposal a large number of high-speed servers available, and in marketing moves they promote free services which help the company to have a higher position, and thus obtain a greater investment. in order to keep high-speed servers up and running. One of these companies that offers this service is Slack, and it is geared towards work environments.

What is Slack?

Slack is a tool type program, which allows users to create communication groups which are prepared for work teams. By creating a Slack account, you can access the free application download for PC .

All these processes can be accomplished through the official Slack website, which is also available in Spanish. Originally, it was called Dharma and you probably downloaded it under that name.

However, the company went through a makeover recently and they are now known as you see them today. The system has only gotten better over the years so today Slack is working better than ever.

This company was created by a group of men in the United States of America, who sought to offer an environment of communication that would facilitate this between employees and their managers. The platform allows you to send photos, text messages, files, voice notes, and more.

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How to activate or deactivate notifications in Slack on mobile or PC?

The best way to do this when using Slack on an Android-type phone is to enter Do Not Disturb Mode . This is accomplished very easily. When you open the app, you will see a button at the bottom that says “You”, which takes you to your account settings.

In this configuration you will see several options, among which there will be a button that says ¨ Do Not Disturb mode ¨. Pressing it takes you to another screen that allows you to choose for how long you want to avoid notifications.

On the PC, this option is accessed by clicking on your profile picture to go to your account. Then, among the options of all this you will see one that says ¨ Pause Notifications ¨. The same time options as those of the phone will appear, and you can select the one that best suits you.

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