How to embed a Youtube video on my blogger website or blog

If you dedicate yourself to uploading videos to your YouTube channel or you simply want to add a video to your blog to make the content more dynamic and fun, just copy the link or the infamous code of the video that you want to share on your site. This could greatly increase your website visits.

To get the link, you must enter the name of the video that you want to insert on your website in the YouTube search engine and locate the share option , which you will find in the lower corner, just below the video that we have chosen.

When selecting the share option, several buttons will appear. The video link will appear in a rectangle at the bottom of the box, which appears after clicking it.

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How to locate the infamous code?

To locate the infamous code you will have to press the “insert” button, this is the first button that appears to the right of the box that appears when you select the share option. When you click, the code will appear. This will be the one that we will paste in the entry of our website or our blog.

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In the case of the WordPress platform there are two simple and equally useful ways. The first is to simply copy and paste the URL of the video on your website, while the second is with the embed code.

With the first option you will simply have to copy the URL of the video and paste it in the WordPress entry in the ‘Visual’ tab.

For its part, with the embed code, you will have to click on the ‘text’ button, this is in the upper left part of the toolbar and the video will automatically be added in the ‘Visual’ tab.

How to embed a video on the Blogger platform?

To insert a YouTube video in Blogger, the first thing we must do is access our blog and select the entry where we want to add the video.

After opening the entrance we will have to locate a mini clapperboard located on the right side of the upper tool panel, this is right next to the option to insert image. Clicking on this button will bring up several options, including adding a video from YouTube.

When you select the option “add a video from YouTube “, the search engine for that platform will appear and you will be able to write the name or link of the video you have chosen, and then insert it into your blog entry.

Once you have selected it, you will be able to modify the alignment and change the size of the cover or presentation image that the video shows.

Finally, we can place the labels or text at the top or bottom of the sheet and set the date or time we want the video to be published.

How to resize the video?

To change the size of the video you have to locate the HTML button, you will find it in the upper right part of the toolbar. Once you click it, you will be able to see the inframe, which is the code of the video and it contains the characteristics of the dimensions of the cover of the video, you can modify it to your preference.

Blogger button on Youtube

Youtube also has a Blogger button, this can be located in the share option. The button allows us to access our blog page and insert the video that we decide to share automatically. Once there we can make the corresponding modifications.

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