How to easily insert a table into Dreamweaver

Most users seek to edit and create web pages in the simplest way , for which Dreamweaver is an excellent alternative. With it you can design a web page without directly writing the HTML code, useful if you are a beginner. In this sense, we recommend that you read this article with which you will learn How to insert a table in Dreamweaver easily

What is Dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver is an application created by the Macromedia company in 2007. This program allows the creation, design and editing of web pages. In its early days, Dreamweaver received criticism because the code that could be created from the tool was only valid for Internet Explorer and did not validate against the strict HTML standard.

Dreamweaver application

However, the Adobe company that took over Macromedia has made new versions to correct these details. The new versions of Dreamweaver supported server frameworks and technologies such as JavaScript and CSS.

Dreamweaver application attributes

Dreamweaver’s attributes include the facility to edit websites without the need to write code, support for CSS technology, web page preview through any browser, and administration tools.

The site administration tools are very useful for novice users who want to edit the code. Also, Dreamweaver allows you to insert JavaScript code in the behavior panel in a practical way and without the need to have extensive knowledge of this language.

With Dreamweaver it is possible to access a large number of interesting functions, both simple and more advanced, in any case, it is best to start with the most basic, such as making a contact form in Dreamweaver or directly inserting a table into the program, something that we will teach you below.

How to easily insert a table into Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver has several features that allow you to write code for web development and edit the visual design simultaneously. In this sense, it is possible to add or insert a table in a simple way through the steps that we explain below.

Create the table

To create the table in Dreamweaver, you need to place the cursor where you want the table to appear. Locate the “Common” tab and click on the “Insert” and “Insert Table” bar. Drag the “Insert table” button to the point where you want the table to appear.

Sets the table structure

You will immediately see the dialog box for the “Insert table” function. Select “Rows” and enter the number of rows in the table. Then click on the “Columns” field and set the number of columns in the table.

Dreamweaver Insert Table

“Cell padding” indicates the number of pixels between the content of the cell and its boundary. If you write the value “0” it will have no padding. The “Cell Spacing” identifies the number of pixels between cells in the table. Write the width of the table in “Width”, if you want it to have borders and press the “OK” button.

Insert table components

To insert the table components (rows and columns) click where you want to place a row or column. Then, go to the option “Modify table” and select “Insert rows or columns”. A dialog box will appear allowing you to add a specific number of rows and columns to the table.

 How do I delete a row or column?

You can delete a row or column from the table. To do this, place the cursor on the row or column you want to delete and in “Modify table” choose “Delete row” or “Delete column” (as the case may be).

Add content to the table

You can add text to the table by placing the cursor in a specific cell and typing the text there. Also, you can insert an image to a table cell easily. To do this, click on the cell where you want to place the image and then go to “Insert.” Select the option “Image” and you will see a window for you to select the source of the image.

Click the “Look in” button to locate the image on your hard drive. Then write a new name for the image and hit “Save.” Finally, click “OK”.

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